Amy Stephens announces run for U.S. Senate in Colorado

Colorado State Representative Amy Stephens (“R”, Monument) recently made official what Conservatives in Colorado have been dreading for months: she is running for U.S. Senate in the Centennial state.

Amy Stephens is best known in Colorado as the architect of ‘AmyCare’ (SB11-200), which set up the Obamacare-compliant health insurance exchange in Colorado; basically, bringing Obamacare to the Centennial State.  Implementation of the  “AmyCare” exchange is expected to cost over $100 million with annual operating costs in the tens of millions (the bill’s fiscal note forecast costs to the state of only $30,000; that’s 33 TIMES as much, an over 20,000% increase, just for the “exchange” implementation).

Adding insult to injury, even as the costs of “Amycare” continue to rise, Coloradans are faced with the spectre of seeing their most private medical and personal information shared “with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities” or – worse – opened to access by ACORN and other Left-wing activist groups with a record of voter fraud, identity theft, and other criminally corrupt actions.

Representative  Amy Stephens (”R”-Monument) has a track record in the Colorado Legislature that is anything but conservative.  In addition to the “Amycare” disaster, she has voted to:

  • amend the state healthcare laws to conform to the Obamacare exchange (SB13-1266)
  • fund “clean energy” programs (most notoriously, HB10-1365 Incent Utility Convert Coal To Natural Gas, as well as the “Green Building Incentive Program”, HB11-1160)
  • expand and continue a number of welfare programs, most notably Medicaid (SB11-008, expands Medicaid rolls; and HB12-1281, Medicaid Payment Pilot Program)
  • voted for hundreds of millions of dollars in increased spending in the state budget (HB12-1335)
  • increased taxes and fees (SB11-212, Hospital Tax and SB11-200, Health Benefit Exchanges),
  • forced employers to recognize gay couples (conforming to the federal Family Medical Leave Act)—regardless of your stance on gay marriage, it is never the place of government to force a business implement social policy (HB13-1222),
  • expand politically-correct “anti-discrimination” legislation (HB11-1254, Bullying in Schools)

These are only the most notable and recent big-government bills supported by Rep. Amy Stephens during her tenure at the State Legislature (this snapshot covers only a third of her time in the State Legislature, where you see much more of the same).

Although Amy Stephens is unpopular among Colorado conservatives – highly, even vehemently so – she’s apparently well-liked by the Democrat state legislative leadership (unsurprisingly, since she has a history of helping to advance Democrat legislation): Democrats Lavish Praise on GOP Rep. Amy Stephens

(Not that it stopped the “progressive-Leftist” political site Colorado Pols from ridiculing Amy Stephens for a clumsy photoshop edit on her campaign website: How Amy Stephens Might Become A Meme).

We can’t afford Obamacare.  We can’t afford higher taxes.  We can’t afford an expanded welfare state.  We can’t afford the government’s ever-increasing role in all aspects of our lives.  We can’t afford a faux “Republican” ripping the party apart and depressing GOP voter turnout in a critical state election year.  In other words, we can’t afford Amy Stephens and her “progressive” pandering.