GOP Senator Roger Wicker sides with Antifa/BLM, demands Mississippi state flag be changed

Political Correctness is out of control. Americans see the boundaries of extremity being pushed all the time.

But why are the goalposts constantly changing? First, a far-left group such as BLM or Antifa will issue a demand that seeks to disrupt and destroy American culture. Second, the media will attempt to mainstream those views and shame those who disagree.

Those on the right who capitulate to the far-left and the mainstream media are known as virtue signalers.

Virtue signaling is “the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.”

Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker is a virtue signaler.

After the horrific Charleston church shooting in 2015, Wicker called for the Mississippi state flag to be changed.

That flag, of course, had nothing to do with the shooting. But the hounds demanded tribute and Wicker acquiesced.

Wicker has reiterated his stance in light of the Charlottesville melee, calling for the state flag to be placed in a museum.

Wicker stated that “I hate to use a tragedy like this, a criminal act of murder, to advance policy,” but he is obviously lying. Like a typical sleazy politician, he is using a tragedy to advance his position of submission and isn’t sorry one bit.

Many Republicans in Mississippi want to see Wicker challenged in his upcoming primary, and who can blame them?

Even being from a deep-red state, Wicker has abysmal, failing scores from just about every conservative scorecard, including Heritage Action, Conservative Review, FreedomWorks, and The New American’s Freedom Index.

Yes, Wicker needs to be thrown out. There are many indications that state senator Chris McDaniel, who was robbed of a 2014 Senate victory over MS’s other RINO Thad Cochran, will mount a run. Let’s hope that he does.

Now more than ever, we need principled fighters, not surrendering virtue signalers. Or else our history and culture will be sold down the river.

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