Rep. Justin Amash: Trump should nominate Sen. Rand Paul for Secretary of State

On Monday, Sen. Rand Paul argued in an op-ed that Donald Trump should pick for his Secretary of State someone who agrees with the president-elect that regime change and nation building in the Middle East has been a disaster. According to Paul, anyone who hasn’t learned that lesson shouldn’t be considered for the position, which explains why he has sounded the alarm on John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani as prospective picks. Later on Monday, Paul shot down a potential David Petraeus appointment, citing his mishandling of classified information.

But who would fit the bill? Rep. Justin Amash has a suggestion: Rand Paul himself.

Paul, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, would make a lot of sense. Brian Darling of Conservative Review has laid forth an excellent case for him.

With his choice, Trump should make clear that the era of neoconservatism is over. Trump and Paul understand that while we must fight Islamic terrorism, our actions shouldn’t encourage its multiplication. They both understand that while Vladimir Putin must know his limits, a Cold War redux only sets us back in time. And very importantly, they believe that national sovereignty always supersedes internationalism.

One of the objections to a Paul appointment would come from his supporters, as his voice would no longer be in the Senate. However, Kentucky has a congressman in Rep. Thomas Massie, another libertarian constitutionalist, who is a carbon copy of Paul on practically every conceivable issue. It is more than likely that Gov. Matt Bevin would appoint Massie to fill Paul’s vacant Senate seat.

A Rand Paul appointment to Secretary of State would be a win-win for America and Kentucky.