If Darrell Castle Is a 9/11 truther (He Isn't), Then So Are 74 Members of Congress

As someone who is strongly considering voting for Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle, I was very much concerned when one of RedState’s frontpage writers attacked him as a 9/11 truther. However, I thought it worth my time to investigate the claim myself.

It turns out the accusation lacks merit. Traditionally speaking, a 9/11 truther is someone who believes that the U.S. government either planned or had foreknowledge about the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

A “truther” is not someone who seeks out details surrounding the 9/11 attack. Falling under that broad definition would be nearly every American.

So the question is, then, what did Darrell Castle actually say? (Listen to the podcast here)

His podcast focused on the 28 pages redacted from the 2002 Congressional inquiry into 9/11. At the time of the podcast they had not been released. But last month, they were finally opened up to the public.

Essentially, Castle made three points. One, that the federal government was stonewalling efforts to have the pages released. Two, that the federal government was doing so to protect it’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. Three, that the relationship primarily exists for financial reasons. All of those points are obviously true to any well-educated observer of politics. The United States supports the Islamic theocracy of Saudi Arabia for the same reason Russia supports the Islamic theocracy of Iran: it furthers each nation’s economic interests, at least in theory.

Castle concluded his podcast by demanding that the pages be released, and stated that Saudi Arabia should face consequences if it turned out that they were implicated.

If Darrell Castle is a 9/11 truther for what he said above (he isn’t), then so are many members of Congress who had the same questions. H.R. 14 and S.B. 1471 both urged the President to declassify the 28 pages, and the bills have 74 co-sponsors between them, many of whom publicly voiced the exact concerns and speculations that Castle raised in his podcast.

To conclude, at no point did Darrell Castle ever suggest that the United States planned or had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. His discussion was perfectly reasonable, and his questioning of our flawed (and in the view of myself and many others: reprehensible) relationship with Saudi Arabia was refreshing to hear from a presidential candidate.