Boehner allies, Trump supporters team up to defeat Tea Party Congressman

When I read that Congressman Tim Huelskamp had lost his primary, I was saddened. When I saw who was celebrating, I was livid.

First, some background. Tim Huelskamp is by all accounts a great person. He was part of the 2010 Tea Party wave and quickly made it known that his vote would not be for sale. As a result, Tim became public enemy number one for John Boehner, who removed him from two committees as punishment. A year later, Tim attempted to oust Boehner as Speaker.

As a result of his feud with Boehner, and his constitutional conservative voting record, the GOP establishment had been waiting for the right opportunity to enact revenge. With help from the big-Ag subsidy leeches and amnesty-pushing Chamber of Commerce, they finally did it.

But Boehner’s allies also got help from supporters of the former Speaker’s “texting buddy,” Donald Trump.

You see, Tim Huelskamp supported Ted Cruz in the presidential primary. And he only reluctantly decided to back Trump when he met with House Republicans in July. Because of his failure to kiss The Donald’s ring, Tim became a public target for Trump supporters.

Now, back to the celebrations. The undercurrent of hatred from the Trump supporters toward Tim finally bubbled up publicly, when the two biggest pro-Trump propaganda factories began rejoicing.

From The Conservative Treehouse: “Toxic Ted Cruz’s First Victim Confirmed-Representative Tim Huelskamp Defeated In Primary

From The Gateway Pundit: “#NeverTrump Kansas GOP Lawmaker Loses Primary to Pro-Trump Challenger

And their followers on the internet are eating it up.

As constitutional conservatives, we now have to contend not just with the cronies, but also the (personality) cultists. There is no Trump Revolution; the populist-nationalists will assimilate with the establishment wherever and whenever it suits them. (We saw this in North Carolina with Renee Ellmers as well.)

I’m sorry that Tim Huelskamp had to lose to that unholy alliance. With luck, he will one day get the last laugh.