Donald Trump publicly berates fire marshal for doing his job, falsely says he supports Hillary

Donald Trump is all for “law and order,” except when it applies to him.

On Friday afternoon during a rally, Trump went after the local fire marshal Brett Lacey for doing his job.

Watch below:

Lacey, though, responded to Trump with class:

Following the speech, Brett Lacey, the fire marshal in question, said in an interview he is a registered voter but declined to say whether he is a member of a political party.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” he said. “We’re just here to do the job.”

It is pretty shameful to see a presidential candidate stoop to this level. Because he didn’t rent out a building that was big enough, Trump decided it was the fire marshal’s fault that there wasn’t enough room to fit in all of the people while still adhering to safety standards.

And then to accuse the man of being a political enemy-that is downright disgraceful.