Rep. Justin Amash stands up to Trump's dangerous nationalist-populism

Donald Trump had an angry message to deliver last night: he is the law and order candidate.

Not to be confused with a rule of law candidate, I should add. The Constitution hasn’t had any bearing on Trump’s campaign and we shouldn’t expect it to in his administration.

Echoing his campaign message, Trump in his speech described an apocalyptic America, riddled with illegal invaders terrorizing the streets and equipped with a job pipeline to China.

The solution to the nation’s ills, according to Trump, is giving the government more power and putting him in charge of the government. The classic strongman formula is the nationalist-populism Trump peddles. It harkens back to the European unrest of the 1930s, and the Know-Nothing Party of the 1850s.

Representative Justin Amash of Michigan, an ardent libertarian and constitutionalist, hasn’t fallen in line. Amash first endorsed Senator Rand Paul in the primary. After Paul dropped out, Amash backed Senator Ted Cruz. He hasn’t shown any indication that he will stand behind the party’s nominee. Amash had this to say after Trump completed his record-length speech:


It is important for conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, etc. to start plotting an active, viable resistance to Trumpism. There should have been an internal GOP resistance to Bushism, but there wasn’t. And that lack of resistance led to Trumpism. Unfortunately, the valiant rise of the Tea Party proved to be too little and too late.

Bushism and Trumpism are both dangerous, in different ways, to the now-loose fabric of individual liberty, free markets and limited government holding this country together.

The era of partisanship must end, and idealism must be renewed. I will support Justin Amash and others who stand behind our founding principles against all who threaten them.