Like Planned Parenthood, ISIS also performs "services" other than murder. Should Trump defend them too?

Planned Parenthood is a murderous organization. There is no doubt about it. Abortion is their sole reason for existence. Anything else they do is simply a smokescreen to divert from that fact.

When I hear Donald Trump defend Planned Parenthood for the “wonderful” services they provide, I immediately recoil. WHO CARES, they are also killing thousands of unborn babies a year!

The reaction I have is the one all truly pro-life people have.

I do have a question for Donald Trump: Why don’t you also praise ISIS under the same logic?

Like Planned Parenthood, ISIS is a murderous organization.

Like Planned Parenthood, ISIS does things other than murder.

In attempting to build legitimacy as an actual Islamic state, ISIS has been providing services to people in the regions under it’s control.

As the BBC notes:

Reports have filtered out of efficient municipal garbage collection, safer streets, generous distribution of fuel and food to the poor.

Sound familiar? This is exactly how the Taliban started out in Afghanistan in 1994, gradually increasing their territory until the 9/11 attacks on the US provoked the campaign that drove them from power in 2001.

Imagine if Donald Trump said, “I hate that ISIS crucifies people, but I think their municipal garbage collection is wonderful.”

That would, of course, finish him as a candidate. His defense of Planned Parenthood should do the same. But only time will tell.

Pro-lifers, get out and vote!

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