Rep. Jeff Duncan blows the lid off Boehner's secret plan to pass TAA (and by extension, TPA)

On Tuesday via Facebook, Congressman [mc_name name=’Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’D000615′ ] revealed a secret scheme to ensure that the TAA (and as a consequence, the TPA) passes in secret.

Said Duncan:

Tucked away in the rule for the Intelligence Reauthorization bill is a provision that allows Leadership to bring up TAA (the last provision of TPA fast-track authority that must pass before the bill can be sent to the President) anytime between now and July 30th. This rule vote will most likely pass, so it’s important that the public remain vigilant on this issue for the next two months.

The TAA and TPA are conjoined in such a way that both must be agreed to individually before they can be moved forward collectively. The Senate has approved both. The House narrowly approved the TPA, but the TAA failed.

If the TAA fails again today, Boehner will try to bring it up again in an attempt to catch people off guard. Duncan is right. We must stay vigilant.