Liberty Rising: Texas State House Edition


Pictured: Stickland (left) and Simpson (right)

The Texas State House, currently under the corrupt leadership of Speaker Joe Straus, is facing a groundswell of pressure from the libertarian movement within the Republican caucus.

So far in 2015, the rebellious lawmakers have been filing bills with a frenzy. Their pro-liberty, pro-federalism efforts have been extremely refreshing.

Representative Jonathan Stickland is one of those lawmakers. In this session, he has introduced bills to:

Representative David Simpson is another. His efforts include bills to:

Nobody can accuse Stickland and Simpson, both strong Christians, of being libertine troublemakers. Instead, they are strong constitutionalists who seek to enhance and preserve the blessings of liberty. While the police unions, crony capitalists, federal supremacists, and progressive regulators are sure to oppose their efforts, Texans should be hopeful that their efforts will succeed.