Trey Gowdy Is Not A Conservative Leader

Former Congressman Allen West has a massive following. He is loud and bombastic. His followers think he is rock-solid conservative and is their response to Obama, the first black President. It turns out he was decidedly mediocre when he served in Congress, despite his fiery rhetoric.

Congressman Trey Gowdy is a similar case. He is known for his epic demonstrations of wit during oversight committee hearings. While Gowdy does vote a lot better than Allen West, he’s not by any means a standard bearer when it comes to policy votes. For example, he voted against prohibiting the indefinite detention of American citizens back in July, and his work on immigration has Mark Levin calling him a “RINO.

But the interesting thing about Gowdy is that for months his supporters have been clamoring for him to run for President, and especially, they have been pushing him to run for Speaker.

Gowdy repeatedly declined to run for any position in leadership.

Even when Gowdy supported [mc_name name=’Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000580′ ], the chief establishment choice for Majority Whip, and [mc_name name=’Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’M001165′ ], the establishment choice for Majority Leader, his supporters still wanted him to be Speaker.

Even though Gowdy gave the nominating speech for Boehner last November during a conference meeting, his supporters pressed on.

And today, on the critical day in which we learned that [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ] would be re-elected as Speaker of the House, Trey Gowdy released this statement:

“A cancelled flight, due to weather, from South Carolina to Washington this morning regrettably prevented me from being in Washington for today’s Speaker vote.  I apologize to my constituents and my colleagues. My wife and I were traveling this morning in an effort to minimize the amount of school she (a 1st grade teacher) and our daughter (in high school) would miss.”

“Had our flight not been cancelled, I would have voted for our Conference nominee, [mc_name name=’Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B000589′ ]. The position of Speaker of the House is a difficult job as evidenced by the fact that so few members seek the position.  Speaker Boehner was approved overwhelmingly by the Conference in November. In fact, not a single other name was placed in nomination.”

Hopefully everyone can now agree that Trey Gowdy is not the best choice for President or Speaker in the future. Unless you think the establishment needs to remain in charge.

But I do look forward to him becoming Attorney General in 2017 under a conservative President.

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