Dan Bongino Powerfully Demolishes the "War on Women"

I felt that I needed to share this short post recently put out by Maryland congressional candidate Dan Bongino on his Facebook page. The post combines emotion and truth to strike at the heart of the absurdity that is the liberal creation known as the “war on women.”

After a long day of campaigning in the rain I just returned from the grocery store. Diapers are really expensive, as many of you already know.

Why am I telling you about the price of diapers? Because my multimillionaire opponent has spent over $600,000 of his $250,000,000 net worth on television ads attacking me for, get ready for it, a “war on women.”

I’ve tried to let it go, but I won’t any longer. Does this fake know anything about me?

He has no idea how hard my wife and I have to work to pay for little things like diapers for my daughter.

He has no idea how painful it was for me, as a child, to watch my single mother struggle, working at the checkout counter of a local supermarket to never make ends meet.

He has no idea how hard it was for me to witness the ever-present pain in the eyes of my now departed grandmother, who lost her only son in combat in Thu Duc, Vietnam, as she parted with her humble life savings to help us survive and pay the bills.

He has no idea how helpless it felt to watch my wife struggle to keep working, just days after the birth of both our daughters, because we couldn’t afford the time off.

He has no idea because he doesn’t live in the America I live in. His America is one of board memberships and cocktail parties. My America is one of local library memberships and block parties. In his America taxes don’t matter because his massive wealth insulates him from the consequences. In my America, taxes can quickly put you out of your home and your business. Finally, in his America, they falsely use cowardly tactics like fictitious “wars on women” to deceive voters. In my America, my life has been shaped, altered and bettered by the women who made everything I’ve been able to accomplish so far, possible.

I’m now ready with a full tank of emotional energy to finish this fight, he poked the bear. I’m going to win this race.

This isn’t the first time that Dan Bongino has made a truly fantastic Facebook post. I encourage everyone to scroll through his page and read more of his gems.

Just a small aside for a moment: I believe Dan Bongino is one of the truly honorable men who has run for Congress this cycle. Others that come immediately to mind are Greg Brannon, Clint Didier, and Chris McDaniel. These men would have been right there with the Founding Fathers, that I have no doubt of. At a time when the NRSC, RGA, and GOP have made their core message the fact that they don’t like Obama, it gives me hope that there are still those who truly understand the principles of liberty and the importance of values. It gives me hope that there are honorable people who will put their lives on hold and sacrifice their reputation because they care about being right and good. Because they want to stop those run just to enhance their personal wealth, accumulate power and prestige, and control the people they are supposed to work for.

If all Republican candidates somewhat resembled the men I mentioned, the dishonest canards pumped out by the liberal establishment would be exposed as the blatant lies that they are. Honesty always wins in the end, but only if it is presented.