Congressman David Jolly Has Been Pathetic So Far

You may remember that a special election was held in March to replace the deceased Congressman Bill Young (FL-13).

His former chief of staff David Jolly emerged from the Republican primary and defeated Democrat Alex Sink in the general election.

There were high hopes for Jolly. But one only needs to look at his FreedomWorks scorecard to see how bad he has been up to this point. Out of 7 scored votes, Jolly has been wrong on 6 of them.

His campaign website (see archive here) pledged to cut wasteful spending, and yet he voted against cutting spending by 1% from the HUD and Transportation departments, voted against eliminating the Economic Development Administration, voted against cutting money from three Energy department programs, voted against reducing non-defense spending to 2008 levels, and voted for the Highway bill.

And on top of his bad voting record, he lied and flip-flopped on his marriage stance, coming out in favor of gay marriage only after he was elected.


Jolly’s actions already justify a primary challenge. I would like to see former brigadier general Mark Bircher, who ran in the special election, to face off against Jolly in his next primary. This kind of deception to the voters cannot go unanswered.

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