Random Thoughts About The Mississippi Senate Race

A lot is swirling through all of our heads now and I am going to post some of mine.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”-Ben Franklin

So where were Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee in this race?

Oh yeah, they don’t endorse against incumbents. Even though incumbents are the troublemakers in Washington. Look, I completely understand why Rand and Ted would not oppose McConnell and Cornyn. They are #1 and #2 in the Senate respectively, and they are from the same states. But there is no reason why these three could not endorse in races such as this one, or Kansas and South Carolina for that matter.  They already have proven they will oppose establishment choices in open primaries. Someone explain to me how races with incumbents are all that different.

To their credit, Rand and Mike did back Greg Brannon in North Carolina, a true liberty-minded conservative fighter. Chris McDaniel is in the same mold as Brannon. Cruz and Lee did endorse Ben Sasse (who won) and T.W. Shannon (who lost), but they are in more of the Tim Scott category in terms of purity.

Ted, why would you congratulate Thad Cochran when Chris McDaniel has yet to concede? Why would you congratulate him after the dirty campaign he ran? Barbour and Cochran’s race card tactics were just as bad if not worse as Jack Conway’s questioning of Rand Paul’s Christianity in 2010.

Here is the big question I have for Ted: Why, as vice-chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, have you done nothing to stop the horrendous smear campaigns they have waged against conservatives including McDaniel? If you are not going to take action, please RESIGN from the organization and make clear that you disavow their slime-ball efforts.

And Rand, I agree with your push to expand voting rights to felons.  Once you have done the time, you should be able to assimilate back into society. But your response in regard to the MS race in which you said “I’m for more people voting, not less people voting” is downright pathetic. Actually, we need closed primaries and less people voting. As Herman Cain says, “stupid people are ruining America.”

Haley “Boss Hogg” Barbour and his corrupt family need to be run out of the GOP on a rail.

The NRSC should be disbanded. Never donate to them again.

The National Rifle Association, Chamber of Commerce, and National Right to Life all supported Cochran. Never donate to them again.

Never vote for any of the elected officials in MS who supported Cochran. Here is the list.

Here is Chris McDaniel’s appearance on Sean Hannity.

If I can get audio of his appearance on Mark Levin’s show later this evening, I will post it as well.

Edit: Here is his appearance with Levin.

I saw this online. Oh, the irony. Many voters there really are delusional. I have to hand it to Thad, he does a good job at looking like a kindly old man.

There is possibility he actually is a kindly old man. After the McDaniel campaign finishes filing their legal challenges to the election results, they should file an elder abuse complaint.


If Chris McDaniel does run as a write-in candidate, I will probably go down to MS to help him in person.

Thad Cochran deserves to lose. If McDaniel is able to win, he should not register as a Republican. He could join the Libertarian Party. The Constitution Party would probably be a better fit for him. He could start a Conservative Party. Or maybe the best option for him would be to simply register as an independent like Angus King and Bernie Sanders do.

On to fighting and defeating Pat Roberts in Kansas! Go Milton Wolf!