Stay Classy: Thad Cochran Calls Chris McDaniel A "Scandal-plagued liar"


Senator Thad Cochran, sensing he may be retired after 42 years in D.C., is engaging in social media low-blows.

His latest Facebook  post exclaims:  “Scandal-plagued liar Chris McDaniel says Thad is for gun control. The truth? Thad Cochran is endorsed by the NRA.”

First of all, candidates endorsed by the NRA may or may not support gun control. After all, the NRA has a strong preference of supporting incumbents, including RINO Republicans and even Democrats. These are people who often capitulate to gun control efforts if not actively promote them.

If we are going to play the endorsement game, endorsements by Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights for McDaniel should be much more reassuring to gun owners.

Calling McDaniel a liar was pretty bold of Cochran and he failed to back it up.  By contrast, McDaniel has cited three anti-gun votes, all of which Cochran has failed to give an account for.

This isn’t the first time Cochran has refused to defend his record, as he has repeatedly refused to debate McDaniel. In fact, he declared that “This is not a debating society.”

That’s an interesting choice of words, considering this country was formed because of and out of debate.

And what of the scandal Cochran talks about?

Some independent blogger (wrongly) broke into a nursing home to take pictures of Cochran’s wife. McDaniel has no connection to the blogger. But the reason the blogger broke in does relate to a scandal which is ailing Cochran. It turns out that he has been lavishly living with another woman on the taxpayer dime.  If that is not a scandal, I don’t know what is.

Mississippi voters have a chance to elect someone who will listen and engage with them. They should vote  Chris McDaniel for Senate this Tuesday.