David Perdue Is Wrong For Georgia

David Perdue is leading in the Georgia Republican Senate primary, according to the two latest polls.

Who is David Perdue? None other than the cousin of former Governor Sonny “Good Ole Boy” Perdue. He has been a successful businessman as a former CEO of Reebok and Dollar General.

But he is also a moderate Republican who is seeking to align himself with the establishment.

Following the lead of his cousin, Perdue has come out in favor of Common Core. He tries to gloss it over by saying that the federal government should not be involved and that money should be sent back to the communities. And yet this sort of string-and-carrot relationship between the states and the federal government is what is causing the problem in the first place.

On abortion, he states: “ This is not a black and white issue. We need to protect innocent life, but there are situations where I think common sense needs to play. ”

A true and principled defender of life understands that abortion is an issue with two moral absolutes. Abortion is wrong because it is the killing of an innocent person, not because it sounds nasty.

On Dodd-Frank, Perdue will not seek to repeal it, but instead “amend” it. This is almost as stupid as fellow candidate Rep. Jack Kingston’s advocacy for “fixing” ObamaCare.

Speaking of ObamaCare, Perdue once said that healthcare should not be left to the states, but instead that: “It needs to be addressed at the federal level.”

And on top of that, Perdue supports an internet sales tax.

Hopefully Republican voters in Georgia aren’t fooled by David Perdue. In this time of great urgency for our country, the last thing we need is more complacency and compromise.

EDIT: There are indeed sources in to back up all of these claims. They are called hyperlinks. which appear as red text. This is more eye-friendly than posting the URLs in the open.

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