Will You Join Senators Rand Paul And Mike Lee In Supporting Greg Brannon?


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One of North Carolina’s Senate seats is up for grabs in 2014. It provides an outstanding opportunity for Republicans to gain another spot in the upper chamber. Kay Hagan is being hammered by the Koch brothers, who are exposing her support of ObamaCare, which is greatly hurting the people of the state. The real race may be the Republican primary, which will be held May 6.

The establishment candidate-State House Speaker Thom Tillis-is being backed by Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove. Enough said.

The grassroots candidate is Dr. Greg Brannon. He has been endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Thomas Massie, FreedomWorks, and RedState, among other individuals and groups. Most recently, he was endorsed by Senator Mike Lee.

Dr. Brannon is the ONLY candidate to be endorsed by both Paul and Lee this cycle. Clearly, they view him as someone they want to partner with in the Senate to advance their agenda.

Polling is showing this to be a two-horse race. So is fundraising. We need to make sure the right horse wins.

Please help out Dr. Greg Brannon today!