Sen. Pat Roberts Isn't Alone: Rep. Pete Sessions Has Gone AWOL

This month we learned that Senator Pat Roberts doesn’t actually live in Kansas. Instead, he uses a golf course as his address. He is being challenged by Constitutional Conservative Dr. Milton Wolf.

Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas, not to be confused with Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, has apparently gone missing as well.

The White Rock Tea Party did some investigating and discovered that the apartment that Rep. Sessions lists as his address is uninhabited.  Below is the video they made along with the description:

Where Does Pete Sessions Live?

Congressman Pete Sessions, who represents the 32nd Congressional District of Texas, lists 8547 Southwestern Boulevard #1197 Dallas, Texas as his “permanent residence” on his signed voter registration and his signed and notarized candidate paperwork filed on November 15, 2013.

Unit #1197 at 8547 Southwestern in The Village Apartments complex appears to be completely empty. Neighbors living closest to Unit #1197 report that no one lives in the apartment, and that it has been empty for years. They have not seen anyone coming or going, to or from the apartment, and have never seen anyone resembling Pete Sessions in the area–ever.

Chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee, Congressman Sessions is also tied to a condo in Orange County, Florida. In addition, his $86,000 2012 Range Rover Sport and his $30,000 2011 Chevy Silvarado 1500 Crew Cab Pick up are registered to his district office address in Dallas.

If Congressman Pete Sessions is not living where he claims to, where does he live? Does he live in the district he represents?

Not to knock the people who live in that complex, but Rep. Sessions can surely do better than that. Members of Congress receive around $180,000 dollars in annual salary. It is evident he resides somewhere else.

When politicians no longer feel the need to be accountable to their constituents, it is time for them to go. As chairman of the House Rules Committee and a key Boehner henchman, it understandable why his feeling of job security is off the charts. Luckily, a formidable challenger in Katrina Pierson is seeking to knock of Rep. Sessions and send him to the unemployment line. Pierson has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Rafael Cruz, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express, and Michelle Malkin. Please help her out as soon as possible, since primary elections in Texas are almost upon us.