Unconditional Agreement Versus Compromise

“Why don’t you right-wingers just learn to compromise?”

That is the question liberals and moderates ask every time true conservatives dare to put up a fight.

The problem is that they don’t understand what true compromise is. Compromise involves two parties making concessions to reach a settlement.

What they really mean to ask is: “Why don’t you right-wingers just learn to agree with us?”

When Republicans and Democrats come together for a clean debt ceiling increase, that is not a compromise. That is an unconditional agreement.

True conservatives are seeking a compromise. At the present time, conservatives cannot and are not expecting a clean victory because we have a divided government.

A debt ceiling increase in return for welfare reform or tax simplification would qualify as compromises. It is the Democrats who refuse to compromise.

We cannot continue to let Democrats get away with using “compromise” as a talking point. It is just one of the many terms they have taken and redefined for their political purposes. And we cannot continue to let Republican leadership agree unconditionally with the Democrats.