Why The Rush To Support Ben Sasse, RedState?

Let me first make clear that I am not trying to smear Ben Sasse, a Republican running for Senate in Nebraska. The Club for Growth and Senate Conservatives Fund found fit to endorse him, and Erick is heavily promoting him.

But I’m not sold on him.

I’m just not sure that he has been properly vetted, and to be fair neither has his main opponent, former State Treasurer Shane Osborn, who has been endorsed by FreedomWorks and Steve Forbes. (Side Thought: Why has Erick refused to mention Osborn’s name in each of the three articles he has written on the race?)

I understand the appeal of adding an intellectual heavyweight on healthcare to the Senate. But FreedomWorks has some very important questions about his actual healthcare positions, based on his past statements and position in the Bush administration. We have doctors running for Senate in 2014 who are unequivocally behind free-market healthcare, specifically Greg Brannon (obstetrician), Paul Broun (general practitioner), and Milton Wolf (radiologist).

So I have some open questions for those who support Sasse:

1-Do we know if McConnell really likes Osborn, or is he just supporting him because he really dislikes Sasse and/or the SCF fund? Perhaps it is a personal thing? As an extension of this, is it a coincidence that Dick Armey, after his ugly split with the more Tea Party-oriented FreedomWorks, chose to endorse Sasse?

2-Why is The Weekly Standard, (a heavily establishment publication) pushing Sasse’s candidacy so hard?

3-Is it not troubling that serial fiscal-sellout Paul Ryan has endorsed Sasse? By contrast, Osborn has spoken out against the Ryan-Murray budget deal. On this note, I get the feeling that Sasse is a Ryan-style, wonky technocrat, not necessarily a principled candidate. Again, review the linked article by Dean Clancy of FreedomWorks.

4-Are there any issues with Osborn’s position or record from a Tea Party perspective?

5-Aren’t there more important races to dump money into? Osborn the heavy frontrunner out of the gate. I see a brutal primary as being a drain on national resources.

I hope I can be enlightened on some of these questions.