While We're At It, Let's Defeat McConnell's Right Hand Man Too

New polling is showing that Mitch McConnell is losing ground to Matt Bevin in Kentucky. This is great news. While McConnell might have a boatload of money, once Bevin’s name and McConnell’s follies reach saturation levels McConnell will be toast. Thankfully, many conservative PACs have lined up behind Bevin, who is a mufti-millionaire with self-funding ability, and local Tea Partiers are organizing a strong ground game for him.

A defeat for McConnell would be momentous. But it wouldn’t necessarily be the death knell for the establishment. Excuses would be made and the Kentucky race would be written off as an anomaly by the GOP mouthpieces.

That is why it is essential we put forth our best effort to defeat McConnell’s right hand man, Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn. Like McConnell, Cornyn has made many bad votes (although not on the level of Scott Brown or Susan Collins). Their voting records tend to dramatically improve preceding a primary and fall off drastically afterward. Moderates like McConnell and Cornyn are Lucy and the voters are Charlie Brown holding the football. However, the real problem with them is not necessarily their votes, but their squishy, moderate, establishment, Chamber of Commerce agenda.

I was disappointed to see this Charlie Brown-like post at the top of RedState today. But I can’t control what others post and promote, so I digress.

That same diary criticized the main challenger, Congressman Steve Stockman. Stockman is not “unserious”, or as the liberals put is “crazy”, but he and primary staffer Donny Ferguson are comical. That is their niche and they fill it well. As for the endorsement list, the left attacked Stockman for having it on his site as he was transitioning to his Senate campaign. It has since been removed. And no, Stockman would not hand the election over to a Democrat. Unless all HuffPost, Salon and Daily Kos readers have moved to Texas, because they are the ones who propagate petty Stockman outrage.

The fact is, Stockman, who was elected in 1994 to one term and again in 2012 is one of the most conservative Republicans in Congress. I support him.

Even if you don’t support Stockman in the primary (maybe you support Linda Vega or Dwayne Stovall, for example), our goal should be to force Cornyn into a runoff. That means he would have to get under 50% in the primary election.

Polling consistently shows that Texans prefer a more conservative candidate to Cornyn.

Our strategy then should be to pump an anti-Cornyn message into the minds of Texas Republicans. We don’t need to necessarily unite behind a single candidate just yet.

If we can get Cornyn below 50%, then it is anybody’s game.