Virginia RedStaters: You Can Effect The Outcomes Of 3 Elections Tomorrow


Tomorrow you have the opportunity to have a profound effect in the outcomes of three elections at the minimum:

1-The Virginia gubernatorial race.

Obviously, if Ken Cuccinelli wins, Republicans will retain the governorship and will gain a substantial upgrade over Bob McDonnell. If Terry McAullife wins, a corporatist Democrat will take over and succeed in bringing liberalism one step further down south.

2-The 2014 midterm elections.

Political pundits are going to frame the the midterm elections in these terms: a Chris Christie win and Ken Cuccinelli loss will mean that the Tea Party is dead and that the establishment wing Republican party has won. But a Christie win and a Cuccinelli win will mean that Republicans on a whole are healthy, including the Tea Party, and that Democrats are on the defensive due to ObamaCare.

3-The 2016 presidential elections.

If McAullife wins, he will steer Virginia into supporting Hillary Clinton for President just as the Clintons are supporting McAullife for Governor right now. If Cuccinelli wins, Virginia will likely be a red state in the general election. An added bonus is that Cuccinelli will probably endorse Rand Paul in the primary in return for all the campaigning he has done for him.

This race has national implications. GET OUT AND VOTE!

Bring as many friends to the polls as you can. Bring strangers. Stand in front of grocery stores and recruit people.  This race is going to be about turnout. Virginia, make it happen!