Ron Paul Endorsement Of Ken Cuccinelli May Stop Spoiler Robert Sarvis

READ THE ENDORSEMENT HERE: http://www.cuccinelli.com/ronpaulendorsement/

Notice: If you think Ron Paul eats babies and you want to send him to Gitmo, I could care less if you blast me in the comments. I stand with the Cuccinelli campaign in promoting this endorsement. 

Whatever you think of Ron Paul on some issues-his points on foreign policy and the Federal Reserve appear to be vindicated more every day by the current administration’s actions-he has done a lot to help the reinvigorate the small-government, Constitutional-conservative movement within the Republican party. Especially in the demographic of young people. We are much better off with three of his supporters-Congressmen Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Mark Sanford-now in the House. His endorsements of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee helped propel them to primary victories, plus we can’t forget the fact that is son Rand is a pretty good guy.  Paul has also served as an example to those who are frustrated with the big-government leadership of the Republican party by demonstrating this principle: If you are tired of not being represented, don’t go start your own party, fix the one you are in. This wasn’t always the case. In 1988, Paul ran as the Libertarian candidate for President. He learned his lesson and ran for Congress again as a Republican in 1996-giving Republican leadership headaches. And that is the model for reform he has been promoting since, with success.

Ken Cuccinelli followed that model and showed up the Virginia GOP establishment in grand fashion by scaring Lt. Governor Bill Bolling out of the race.

Some people just don’t understand. One of those people is Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis, who is polling consistently around 7-8%. Sarvis might be a well meaning guy, but his strategy is not going to advance the principles he believes in. His candidacy only serves to aid arch-Democrat and Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe. RedState readers are familiar with his vices.

But no only would Sarvis be aiding McAullife, he would also be undermining someone who would probably the most libertarian-leaning Governor in the country.

In Ken’s own words:

“I mean, we have a history of third-party candidates in Virginia, and I’m the most pro-liberty statewide elected official in years in my lifetime – bar none, it isn’t even close.”

Cuccinelli has been vocal in opposition to ObamaCare (in fact leading the fight) and Syria intervention, has lead efforts to restrict eminent domain, and even hinted at legalizing pot. He has strong libertarian credentials.

The one and only reason the Sarvis campaign has any traction whatsoever. That is Cuccinelli’s support of an anti-sodomy law. Without getting into intimate details, let’s be clear: Cuccinelli does not want to be in your bedroom and dictate your sexual actions. He has instead used the law to protect children from child molesters. Obviously, it would be much better going forward to create an entire new law to address this issue, but that is not the case as of now.

Sarvis is also heavily campaigning in support of gay marriage, which is fundamentally un-libertarian because it recognizes and expands the role of government in marriage. The true libertarian view of marriage, regardless of what any party or candidate says, is to get the government out of marriage. This is clear proof Sarvis is running a social issues campaign, not the campaign of a principled third option.

Back to the endorsement. It will hopefully signal to Virginia voters-those small-government conservatives, Constitutionalists, libertarians, independents, etc.-not to vote for Sarvis, but to instead vote for the candidate who will be best for Virginia: Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.