PAC To Defeat Lindsey Graham Created


Bruce Carroll, a political activist from South Carolina, recently formed
a Political Action Committee (PAC) aimed at removing Senator Lindsey
Graham from office.

Here is the description of the group provided on their site, defeatlindseygraham.org:

Carolina Conservatives United is a grassroots, non-profit political association based in South Carolina.

CCU supports and promotes the long-standing American values of limited
Constitutional government, low taxes, freedom of the individual,
entrepreneurism, free enterprise, and strong national security and

CCU’s mission is to support political candidates who
support conservative values and oppose those who do not.  We will
fulfill this mission through web-based and mainstream advertising,
social media, direct mail, grassroots outreach, citizens forums and
television advertising. 
Core Principles:
Holding Our Elected Officials Accountable to Conservative Principles
Fiscal Responsibility and Pro-Growth Economic Policies
True Border Enforcement Before Path to Citizenship
Defense Policies Based on America’s National Interests
Restoring the Balance of Federalism As Written in the Constitution
Stop the Unfettered Surveillance of Americans by Federal Government

The group also released a video, presumably cut for television.

This is going to be the most important primary race in the country for constitutional conservatives and libertarians, even more-so than the Mitch McConnell/Matt Bevin dogfight that has just begun in Kentucky.

All that is needed to heat this race up is either Nancy Mace or Lee Bright jumping in. Richard Cash is not going to cut it.

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