Resolution to Hear Anti Agenda 21 Bill – Glen Bradley

First project I want to discuss is our bill to refuse compliance with Agenda 21.Because this is a bit complicated, I will try to explain what is going on.A non-budgetary bill may only be introduced in the short session with 2/3 support of the members. A resolution may be introduced at any time, and does not count towards out 10 bill limit. Therefore we have a resolution to introduce the noncompliance bill, and then the noncompliance bill itself that will be introduced upon 2/3 passage of the resolution.

The resolution to introduce will gain a bill number on May 16th when it is introduced.

Here is what we need, we need 2/3 support from members of both the House and the Senate on the introduction resolution here:


so please contact your State Representative and State Senator and express to them how much you want them to support the anti-Agenda21 resolution and noncompliance bill, so that we can get the 2/3 support we need to introduce the actual noncompliance bill here:


If your State Representative or State Senator is a Democrat, there are a wide variety of “Democrats against Agenda 21″ groups out there in existence, so it may help to look a few of them up first and reference them when contacting your Rep or Senator. I will also be attempting to rally those groups.See More
2011-LB-428B.pdf – Google Docs