NC Representative Glen Bradley, Candidate for NC Senate District 18 iCaucus Endorsed


Cheyenne, WY, March 30, 2012: NC49 Representative Glen Bradley has received the iCaucus endorsement as candidate for NC Senate District 18. Representative Bradley was also endorsed by iCaucus for the 2010 election. iCaucus is a non-partisan, National citizen-led organization dedicated to empowering the citizens to fully participate in the electoral process, while taking the big money and special interests out of it.

Representative Bradley’s voting record demonstrates his continued commitment to the iCaucus principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to constitutional limitations of government. Therefore, the citizens of North Carolina’s District 49 and NC Senate 18, which includes iCaucus members, delegates, and Affiliate Groups, reaffirm their endorsement of NC Representative Glen Bradley for his candidacy for NC Senate 18. The following are iCaucus North Carolina Affiliate Groups:

Asheville Tea PAC, Buncombe County
The Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Henderson, Polk and Transylvania Counties
CAUTION (Common Americans United To Inspire Our Nation), Charlotte
Caldwell County Tea Party, Caldwell County
Cherokee 9.12 Project, Cherokee County
Haywood 9.12 Project, Haywood County
Polk 9.12 Project, Polk County
Sons of Liberty, National Organization

“Uniting the effort to elect principled candidates to office.”

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