Glen Bradley for NC Senate - On the Record

Rep. Glen Bradley on the Record (2011-2012)

Bills Introduced by Glen Bradley in 2011
HB32 (= SB225Electoral Freedom Act of 2011 (Passed House)
HB34 State′s Right to Claim Sovereignty
HB65 North Carolina Farmers Freedom Protection Act
HB240 Intrastate Commerce Act
HB241 North Carolina Firearms Freedom Act
HB366 Special Election Dates (Passed House)
HB367 (= S313Roanoke Rapids Deannexation (Passed Into Law)
HB445 Prevent REAL ID Implementation
HB446 Labeling Requirements/GMFs & rBGH in Food
HB448 Constitutional Tender Act
HB540 Remove Adult Care Homes From CON Review
HB576 Vacancy Special Election
HB587 North Carolina Jobs Bill (Put Into SB781 which Passed Into Law)
HB653 Halifax Resolves (Passed and Adopted)
Entire On the Record follows:
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