Glen Bradley 2nd Amendment Fundraiser Shoot - Saturday, October 22

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No Stronger Ally:
North Carolina gun owners have no stronger ally in the
NC General Assembly than Glen Bradley.
As a State House Representative, he introduced House Bill 241 North Carolina Firearms Freedom Act declaring 10th Amendment State sovereignty over firearms regulation. He supported and defended HB650
finally giving North Carolina a true Castle Doctrine, and the right for
concealed carry permittees to carry in restaurants and parks.
“Before entering politics, and becoming politically articulate, I was
at best a one issue voter. Whoever scored best on gun rights got my
vote. As long as we preserve the right to bear arms, then we have
the ability to preserve all the rest of our rights too. There is no more
important right than the right to bear arms, because it is liberty’s last line of defense.” — Glen Bradley

Grassroots North Carolina GRNC rating (★★★★)
National Rifle Association NRA-ILA rating (A)
Oathkeepers Founding Member
Gun Owners of America GOA supporter

If you have a passion for strengthening and expanding the firearms
rights and freedoms of North Carolina citizens, and a vision to
restore the Constitutional order amongst our State and Federal governments, please help support Champion of the Constitution Glen
Bradley running for NC State Senate. http://GlenBradley2012.com/
This handbill and the event it promotes are Approved by Glen Bradley for NC Senate
Come zero your rifle and
sharpen your shotgun!
Shoot Eat Zero*
Event $25 $25 $25
Silver $150 – –
Gold $300 – –

Sponsorships Available!
Event: Sponsor
Silver $750
Gold $1000
Platinum $2000
Oct 22
Come on out to 960 Christian Chapel Road,
New Hill, NC and *professionally zero your rifle,
try your hand shooting targets out to 500 yards and take some
skeet with your shotgun, enjoy down-home pork, chicen, or beef
barbeque, and help contribute to the election of Champion of the
Constitution and strong supporter of gun rights Glen Bradley for
the North Carolina State Senate in 2012.
Register for the event now at http://GlenBradley2012.com/shoot