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Glen Bradley Tea Party Candidate

Glen Bradley is the quintessential Constitutionalist candidate! He comes purely from the Tea Party Grass Roots and is completely philosophically aligned with the Freedom Movement.  He is pro-rule of law,  pro-second amendment, pro-school choice, pro-small business and pro-state sovereignty.

He  supports the use of the 10th amendment and state nullification to support the Health Care Freedom Act, the nullification of any Carbon Trading federal legislation. He is drafting a 10th amendment Sovereignty Act that will give real enforcement power to the Governor of North Carolina to prevent federal subversion of  the  State’s legislative process.

The Daily Tea Party has spoken to Glen Bradley and believes that he will give a loud voice to the People of North Carolina, will represent them in the constitutional manner the people demand.  It is because of his very solid pro-Freedom platform and visible integrity that the Daily Tea Party endorses Mr. Bradley.

On the Issues

State Corruption

Clearly, we have a problem with political corruption in North Carolina. Between special interests, lobbyist influence, favor trading, and cronyism, something desperately needs to be done. The solution is to stop the illegal district gerrymandering that keeps the corrupt in power, by establishing fair, community based redistricting, and setting term limits for the NC General Assembly at three terms.

The large amount of corruption in North Carolina government is the direct result of special interest influence. We can put an end to special interest corruption by binding down our State government to those roles defined in the NC State Constitution. Further, the lack of term limits in the State House creates an environment where lobbyists can continue in perpetuity to fund those campaigns continue to give them whatever they want.

Glen Bradley will introduce and vigorously champion bills to impose term limits at three terms, and mandate that every bill introduced in the State Assembly contain it’s Constitutional justification.

State Budget

The North Carolina State budget has been rife with abuse for years. Friends and family members have been given do-nothing jobs that pay out at six figures, while our schools suffer through shrinking budgets and increasing student to teacher ratios.

The budget passed this year is effectively a one year solution that passes on this year’s problems to next year, a non-election year. The budget does not plan for Fiscal Year 2012, which will be voted on next year, when the stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act end. It also does not include further federal government aid coming to an end next year. After last year’s $1 billion tax increase on North Carolinians, it is obvious that the North Carolina Legislature is not able to control spending, especially in times of Recession. It has been estimated that North Carolina could be facing a $3 billion budget deficit comes next year when the federal aid ceases.

Glen Bradley believes that the solution to this crisis is less government, not more. Glen supports going line-by-line through the state budget to eliminate waste and end departmental overlap. A tax increase should be the absolute last resort, not the first item considered. Glen pledges to never vote for a tax increase on North Carolinians.

Jobs and the Economy

“The most important aspect of economic recovery is job growth. In the midst of skyrocketing unemployment, Governor Perdue continues to push jobs and revenues out of the State by establishing affiliate taxes on Internet sales, and increasing the regulatory and legislative burdens to business and barriers market entry. In order to enhance job growth in North Carolina, it is crucial to reduce the cost of doing business, allowing employers to hire more employees. As your State House Representative, I will work to make it easier for companies to hire workers, while laboring to prevent undocumented aliens from undercutting the opportunities for legal residents and citizens.” — Glen Bradley

North Carolina can, and should be the model for economic growth and recovery that the rest of the United States can follow back to prosperity.

The primary roadblock to creating jobs in North Carolina and experiencing a full economic recovery, are the regulatory and legislative roadblocks that have been set in place to prevent competition amongst providers of goods and services.

What is not often discussed is that many, if not most of the regulations effecting local businesses are not imposed with an interest towards public safety or fairness, but they are usually written by the companies themselves as a means of artificially preventing competition, and thereby creating an artificial monopoly for their goods or services under the force of law.

Anybody who has attempted to create a startup entrepreneurial business can testify that all the laws, regulations, and taxes create barriers that the large companies are not hampered by.

By reducing or removing these barriers to market entry, while maintaining public safety regulations, Glen Bradley will work to attract manufacturing, goods, and services companies into North Carolina, thereby creating jobs, and boosting the general prosperity of every citizen in the State.


The key to eliminating poverty in our lifetime is found in education. Currently, we are immersed in a Federally mandated system that has artificially eliminated competition and radically reduced the quality of our schools. North Carolina must assert our Tenth Amendment reserved powers to opt out of the failed “No Child Left Behind” program that has abandoned actual education in favor of test preparations. We must restore genuine competition and school choice if we have any hopes of developing in our State the finest education system in America. By allowing school vouchers, district transfers, charter schools, as well as encouraging private schools and homeschooling, we will allow parents to take their children out of failed schools and enroll them into successful schools. This will create intense competition for students and resources based in the quality of of an institution’s education, thereby lifting the children of poor families — who now only have access to substandard education — out of poverty and giving them access to the American Dream.

State Sovereignty Act

10th Amendment

The Founding Fathers envisioned, and created through the Constitution, a Union of several sovereign States. According to the original Constitutional order, each individual citizen was totally sovereign over his or her own domain. These citizen sovereigns then got together to institute State governments as their public servants, to do only those things which were impractical for individuals.

Today, this Constitutional order has been completely reversed. The States now act as the agents of the Federal government, and the people act as the agents of the States. The current condition of our nation is relatively new – it has really only been this way since World War 2, and can still be reversed and restored.

Glen Bradley was responsible in 2009 for drawing the entire NC Republican Party into supporting H849, the bill declaring NC State Sovereignty according to the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. Establishment politics as usual prevented that bill from arriving on the House floor for a vote, but Glen will go into the State House and change that.

Firearms Freedom Act

Glen Bradley is the strongest pro-gun candidate in NC

Glen Bradley is responsible for the drafting of, and for the winning of sponsorship for the North Carolina Firearms Freedom Act, to be introduced by David Lewis during 2010.

The Firearms Freedom Act states that any gun produced, sold, and used in North Carolina is not subject to the Interstate Commerce Clause, and can thus not be regulated by the Federal Government.

Glen Bradley will always vote to make sure a law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms is not infringed.

Health Care Freedom Act

Glen Bradley seeks in 2011 to introduce the North Carolina Healthcare Freedom Act, which will declare that the individual mandate is both extra-Constitutional and unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution, and which Act will compel the Governor to employ every available means of financial, political, enforcement, and martial asset to bear within the State of North Carolina to block and prevent Federal interference from demanding or establishing or enforcing an individual mandate amongst the citizens of the State of North Carolina.

If this bill is not successful, Glen Bradley will compel the Legislature to force a vote on the Health Care Law by the citizens in the only true Democratic way, by referendum. This will leave it up to the citizens of North Carolina whether to accept or deny the Health Care Law passed in Washington going into effect in North Carolina.


The Independence Caucus, following an extensive vetting process, has endorsed Glen Bradley for NC State House. The Independence Caucus has a distinguished history of selecting strong and principled conservatives who you can count on to stand for the principles you hold dear.

Republican Liberty CaucusThe Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed Glen Bradley for NC State House 2010 on April 21st 2010. Glen is proud to receive the endorsement of the RLC, with whom he shares the fundamental principles which has made our nation great!

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