Glen Bradley Election eve reflections

For A More Prosperous And Free People

This has been a wonderful and inspiring campaign! Across North Carolina’s District 49 in Franklin, Nash, and Halifax Counties I have encountered every kind of terrain, and every kind of community.

I have listened to citizens from 18 to 88 of every background I have ever imagined from Littleton to Hollister, Roanoke Rapids to Youngsville, Louisburg, Bunn, Franklinton, Centerville, Pilot, and Lake Royale. I have learned more about our House District and the people that make it up than I ever thought possible,and I stand ready to represent your voice in Raleigh.

We have handed out thousands of Constitutions, and spoken to thousands of voters.The message of Constitutional liberty has gone out, and it really does reach across every aisle and calls to every political mindset. The American way of life is not dead, it was just numbed by a relentless collectivist attack through the decades. We are here today because we have gone from numb to angry, and now we are determined to be heard.

My politically-established opponent has spent $120 thousand dollars on a campaign of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, designed by distortion to create intolerance in you and send you to the polls to vote against me. John May has spent $120,000 to create and build intolerance, while Glen Bradley has spent $20,000 promoting actual tolerance, community empowerment, peace with our neighbors, and progress towards a prosperous and free society for all.

We celebrated Constitution Day 2010 by honoring Frederick Douglass in Roanoke Rapids with Lenny McAllister and Kevin Daniels. We kicked off our campaign on Constitution Day 2009 in Medoc Mountain State Park in Hollister, with Timothy Johnson. Our whole campaign has been focused on reaching out to Unaffiliateds and Democrats and finding the kind of common ground that will produce good policyfor our District.

It is time to start tolerating one another, to start listening to each other’s ideas, thoughts, and input, and to discuss them together as a people, and it is high time to stop tolerating the runaway government that has divided us as a people, and keeps us divided election after election.

It is time to make government obey the rule of law for once. It is time to make a change that will be heard, remembered, and honored for generations to come — on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 America is going to rise up and tell the status quo that business as usual is just not good enough anymore. I am asking you to be a part of that.

This is your invitation to make history – go to the polls on Tuesday and vote – vote for the candidate who best represents your interests in Raleigh, and who is most likely to actually stand up to the political establishment and obey the Constitutions and the oath of office sworn to uphold and defend them.

I hope you will join me and I would be honored to receive the trust of your vote on Tuesday.