Glen Bradley Will Not Take Away Your Right To Vote For Senator.

I am sorry that the current smear campaign is making me take time away from meeting with my future constituents, as my most important duty is to actually represent you and your interests in Raleigh. I am taking this time because you deserve clarity in your decision in the ballot box on Tuesday.

Here is the original page that inspired our opponent to spend some $70,000 on direct mail and television.

The current expensive attacks in the media are distortions of my position on the 17th Amendment regarding the election of Senators, a position which has been already clarified for quite a while. The people of North Carolina are tired of the negativity, distortions. and lies, and on November 2nd we are going to send a message to the establishment that it just won’t work anymore.

Glen Bradley will not take away our right to vote for US Senator, Glen Bradley is committed to finding solutions that maximize the impact of the electorate, and restore to “We the People” a voice able to drown out the special interests and lobbyist influences now corrupting the process.

A vote for Glen Bradley is a vote to take the power away from the political establishment and to return it to the people where it rightly belongs.

Help send a message on Tuesday that we will no longer stand for the lies that career politicians use to cling to offices they do not deserve. Vote Glen Bradley for NC State House!

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