N.C. House Races to Watch

North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation

NC HOUSE DISTRICT 49:  Similar to House District 44, the “incumbent” member representing House District 49 was appointed to the seat a mere six months ago. In that short period, Rep. John May (D) has had little time to introduce himself to the voters in this district, and he is facing a stiff challenge from Glen Bradley (R) in what is typically solid Democratic territory. Voter registration strongly favors Democrats, but a poll conducted for Bradley in August showed him leading May 43 percent to 35 percent. May did have a financial advantage at the end of June, but this is likely to be the closest race this district has seen in a while. If May can convince unenthusiastic Democrats to get out the vote, he should retain the seat, but if turnout favors the GOP, Democrats may face an unexpected loss here.

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