Support NC Conservative Candidates

I hear lots of talk about how we need to replace the current incumbents and get true conservatives in office that will listen to their constituents and bring American back to the republic that our founding fathers sent down as our guide, the CONSTITUTION.

Well, the liberals have big money backers but the true Constitutional Conservatives are running a lean campaign and are doing quite well but, now the liberals will be turning up the heat.  What voters hear last is what they remember the most.

If everyone that wants to replace our current elected officials donates $30 to each of the following candidates, we can make it to the end and answer the liberal false media campaign.  Pass this on to all your conservative family and friends.  The time is now, the time is right.

Glen Bradley, NC House District 49

Bill Randall, US House of Representatives District 13

BJ Lawson, US House of Representatives District 4

Thank you for your support.