Independence Caucus backs nine NC candidates who meet tea party test

By: The American Independent

The Independence Caucus, a national conservative group has given its stamp of approval to nine North Carolina candidates.

The group, whose motto is, “A Citizen’s movement to take back government from ‘Big Money’ Interests groups,” bases its endorsements on how candidates answer an extensive 80-question survey.

The survey focuses on fiscal policy and the constitutionality of government programs, but does not include questions on social issues.

The iCaucus, as the group is known for short, has endorsed state-level and Congressional candidates in all 50 states this fall. In North Carolina, it is backing the following candidates, all Republicans:

William Lawson: 4th Congressional District
Bill Randall: 13th Congressional District
Ryan Hilliard: 23rd State Senate District
Jim Davis: 50th State Senate District
Paul Terrell: 33rd State House District
Glen Bradley: 49th State House District
Rick Smith: 50th State House District
Tim Moffitt: 116th State House District
Sam Edwards: 118th State House District

The iCaucus champions core principles that read like those of any tea party, Libertarian-leaning group. It favors limited government, tight controls on government spending and a conservative reading of the Constitution that curtails the reach and authority of the federal government.

In North Carolina, the Asheville Tea Party has used the iCaucus survey in endorsing several local candidates for the General Assembly. Yet, the group has not endorsed either candidate in the 11th District congressional race between incumbent Democrat Heath Shuler and Republican challenger Jeff Miller. Neither candidate has taken the survey despite urging from the Asheville Tea Party to do so.