Glen Bradley Birthday Card by Angela Thorn

Today Is Glen Bradley’s Birthday

Who is Glen Bradley, you may ask?  Well,

Glen Bradley is not a politician, but an ordinary citizen who has gotten fed up with politics as usual and decided to stand up and do something about it. Glen believes that the reason our State and Federal governments have gone off the rails — not just these last two, but the last ten, twenty, fifty, even one hundred years — is because our elected officials have forgotten their loyalty and ignored the Constitution. It is time to restore the Constitution, and that begins in the State legislatures.

Glen Bradley is a US Marine, a former student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a current self-employed computer, networking, and point-of-sale professional technician.

You can read more at his webpage.

The thing is, Glen Bradley answered the call. He got active in the party, he gave time and money to candidates, he worked his volunteer tail off for a political lobbying organization…he did everything we told him to do.  Then, he looked around him, saw all the people cheering liberty candidates on with money bombs and phone banks, saw that people were thirsty for the message, and so he made a brave choice: he decided to run for state office.

Everybody slapped him on the back! They told him he was perfect for the job! They wished him luck! Then, they quietly went on about their lives.  All the support Glen Bradley thought that he had seemingly vanished. Some of us sent all our extra cash to candidates in important federal primaries,  and many of us don’t pay much attention to politics in our own state, much less other states. Some of us lost our jobs and didn’t have any money. For a myriad of reasons, Glen Bradley found himself a candidate with no financial resources.

It got worse. The GOP in North Carolina had a contest. The first-time candidate who could generate the most email addresses would win $4,000 dollars. Seemingly a cinch for one of “our” candidates, right? Wrong. The wing of the GOP that has never shied away from signing online petitions and winning internet polls, didn’t come through. It was close, but another candidate took home the cash.

Most candidates would drop off the radar at that point, but Glen Bradley is a Marine. He rolled up his sleeves, recruited his Mom to help keep the books and answer the phone, and set out to win that election. He did all the things candidates do  – walked in parades, spoke to civic groups, sent out press releases, and made phone calls.  He shook hands, passed out literature, and kissed babies.

In August, Public Policy Polling polled the district, and Glen Bradley polled in first place, with 43%! 22% of the voters are still undecided, but it isn’t hard to imagine him sweeping in with the red tide that’s anticipated in November.

Finally, with the other primaries largely concluded, we the people started paying a little attention to Glen Bradley. They raised enough money so he could afford some signs, and then another round supplied him with stakes for those signs.

But the race isn’t over yet, and it is very important for Glen Bradley to win. Here’s what Glen has written:

I know it sounds funny, but my winning this one election will have serious consequences for the character of the NC State House. I am already building 10th Amendment coalitions with sitting members, and by winning the election it will REALLY shore those up. I expect a blizzard of 10th Amendment legislation to come from the NC House in 2011….

And 10th Amendment legislation is exactly what Rand and Ron will need to demonstrate pressure from the States and leverage the body around…

Not to mention that I am already writing a House-floor speech arguing for a GOP majority in the NC Legislature to redraw the voting districts FAIRLY instead of just trying to gerrymander them in favor of the Republicans rather than the Dems like we have been for the last 100 years…

And that will mean the difference on whether we can make Mel Watt vulnerable in 2012…

So there we have it. A candidate who answered the call to get involved. Won’t you join me in wishing him a happy birthday, $17.76 style?

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