Glen Bradley on State Sovereignty Act

10th Amendment

Tenth Amendment State Sovereignty is completely unrelated to the concept of secession. Whereas secession seeks to dissolve the union, 10th Amendment State Sovereignty seeks to strengthen the health of the Union by restoring the original Constitutional order.

The Founding Fathers envisioned, and created through the Constitution, a Union of several sovereign States. According to the original Constitutional order, each individual citizen was totally sovereign over his or her own domain. These citizen sovereigns then got together to institute State governments as their public servants, to do only those things which were impractical for individuals.

These several sovereign State governments then got together to institute a Federal government, to do only those things which were impractical for the States.

Thus the individual citizens were sovereign, the States acted as the agents of the people, and the Federal government acted as the agent of the States and the people respectively. This is why we call office-holders “Public Servants.”

Today, this Constitutional order has been completely reversed. The States now act as the agents of the Federal government, and the people act as the agents of the States. The current condition of our nation is relatively new – it has really only been this way since World War 2, and can still be reversed and restored.

Glen Bradley was responsible in 2009 for drawing the entire NC Republican Party into supporting H849, the bill declaring NC State Sovereignty according to the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. Establishment politics as usual prevented that bill from arriving on the House floor for a vote, but Glen will go into the State House and change that.

By amending the Constitution to adjust the 14th Amendment specifically repealing the phrases in section 1 that make citizens subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, and restoring people’s primary citizenship to the several States above that of the United States, as well as crafting legislation that grants the Governor enforcement power to enforce the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, this will lay the foundation from which a restoration of the proper Constitutional order will arise.