Glen Bradley-Endorsed by The Independence Caucus

Glen Bradley: 49th State House District –
North Carolina
Website: http://www.glenbradley.net
Seeking to fill open seat of resigned incumbent
Lucy T. Allen (D)
General Election: November 2nd, 2010
Glen Bradley is a former US Marine, a former student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a current self-employed computer, networking, and point-of-sale professional technician.
Glen has been a passionate and dedicated Constitutional conservative for 22 years, and has been very active in the grassroots to restore the Constitutional order for decades.
Glen is a long-time outspoken critic of both parties, and will always place conservative principles and Constitutional obedience above party loyalty. Glen first started his involvement with the modern-day Tea Party movement in December of 2007, calling on both major parties to address their many violations of the US and NC Constitutions, and began to demand redress for the usurpation of our citizen’s basic God-given rights and liberties.
Glen was selected in 2007 to become the Regional Coordinator for the Second Congressional District of the Campaign For Liberty, and moved by his message of restoring true conservative and Constitutional Principles, he was unanimously elected as the First Vice Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party.
Glen Bradley gave up his professional career to become a tireless activist for Constitutional conservatives throughout 2007 and 2008, publicly calling for reform during both the Bush and Obama administrations. He will, without fail, place principle over partisanship.
No longer can we stand silently by while our elected officials, representing the special interests, continue to erode the fundamental principles of American liberty and our Republican form of government.
If there is one message that Glen sought to give our Representatives during 2009, it was:
Obey the Constitution!
But even though we stood up in our thousands and our hundreds of thousands and demanded their attention, they would not listen in 2007. Even though we shouted from the rooftops in 2008, still they would not listen. And though we amassed a crowd of millions to demand redress of our grievances in 2009, they continued to ignore us.
Therefore we are determined that in 2010 they will ignore us no longer.
We, the Constitutionalists of North Carolina and the United States, are coming together with one voice to remove the special interest incumbents from out of every office in the land, and we have determined to replace them with true patriots who will honor and obey the Constitution, and who will respect the will of the people whom they are supposed to represent.
Glen Bradley is a Constitutional originalist outraged at the government theft of State and personal sovereignty, and he is dedicated to peacefully working within the system to effect genuine reform and restore the Republics of North Carolina and the United States.