Obamanauts Amok: Dem Appointees Still Running Key Agency

“The calls, they’re coming from inside the house!”

Over a year into the Trump administration, liberal Democrats are still fighting “The Resistance” from inside the administration.

At the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Democratic appointees outnumber Republicans 3-1 and have become increasingly brazen in leading left-wing crusades at the agency.

Trump appointed GOP commissioners long ago, which would even out the balance of power, but Senate Democrats are predictably dragging their feet. Meanwhile, the need to confirm conservative “reinforcements” is becoming more urgent as the Obamanauts in charge of a federal agency run amok.

Here are several recent activities of the CPSC’s leadership:

– Gun control: Democratic comissioner Marietta Robinson published, on cpsc.gov, a detailed proposal for the CPSC to initiate a massive power grab over gun control law by declaring guns under its jurisdiction, despite the existence of other federal agencies with jurisdiction (given to them in laws passed by Congress).

– Attacking the one Republican commissioner: Desperate to cling on to their power over the agency, CPSC Democrats have launched a vicious smear campaign against former Ann Marie Buerkle and the pending Trump appointees, coordinating with liberal activist groups to frame policy disagreements as corruption. Mostly, this has involved breathless claims that lawyers once represented clients who didn’t want the government to outlaw products they sell. Good to know what the standards are: ACLU libs are all about defending terrorists in court, but representing American companies is corruption.

– Pushing to pay far-left environmentalist and other activist groups with CPSC funds. (Don’t worry, the government has PLENTY of money!)

– Ignoring the recommendations of career staff (bureaucrats are so conservative and industry-friendly!) in pushing for exorbitant, bankruptcy-inducing fines.

In a recent confirmation hearing for Dana Baiocco, an exquisitely qualified lawyer appointed by Trump, Sen. Richard Blumenthal provided a glimpse of what we’re dealing with. Blumenthal blasted Baiocco because a law firm she worked for had represented cigarette company R.J. Reynolds. Baiocco responded that cigarettes are not under the CPSC’s jurisdiction (that’s an FDA matter).

But Blumenthal was adamant. “R.J. Reynolds is among the tobacco industry representatives that have been instrumental in encouraging the extensive use of flame retardant chemicals in upholstered furniture to deflect pressure on cigarette makers to make a fire-safe cigarette,” he said.

Ah, the fire-safe cigarette! What will they think of next? A waterless swimming pool?

Under Obama, the CPSC had been looking to ban fire retardant chemicals because environmentalist groups warned they’re unhealthy. (Reminder: don’t eat fire retardants). This is still a major debate at CPSC, hence Blumenthal’s focus on it. Notably, the CPSC ideologues driving this crusade are ignoring the Environmental Protection Agency’s findings on the chemicals at issue.

You know what else is unsafe? When the building you’re in catches on fire! And what federal agency has been hounding companies for decades over the fire-safety of their products? The CPSC.

It’s time for the GOP to put the adults back in charge at CPSC. The Senate should make confirming these appointees a top priority.