Obama and the Second Amendment...

As though he felt he couldn’t miss an opportunity for more disgraceful behavior, Barack Obama devoted part of his State of the Union Address to castigating the Supreme Court for its recent decision protecting political speech.  In the light of the radical anti-gun stands he took while in the Illinois Senate, I was surprised that he didn’t include in his disgusting rant the recent Heller decision which established gun ownership as an individual right.  Some information I came upon recently in an article by  David Hardy made that even more surprising.  The Heller decision, it turns out, quashed an effective anti-gun program which Obama had put in motion during his days as a Chicago community organizer.

From 1994 to 2002, Obama served as a Director of the Joyce Foundation, a billion dollar tax-exempt organization which spent millions creating and supporting anti-gun groups.  In 1999 Obama and the other Joyce Directors hatched a long range plan which they believed would produce the ultimate return on their investments – the disarmament of Americans on the grounds that the Second Amendment restricted the right to keep and bear arms to well organized militias.

They focussed on the relative scarcity of court decisions on the issue of gun control.  When judges can’t rely on past decisions, they frequently turn to law review articles which are taken to be impartial and typically involve very careful and thorough cite checking.  If they could control the content of law review articles, the Board reasoned, they could influence judicial decisions.  Given that the authors of law review articles are not paid for their efforts and the editors are frequently law students who are paid very little, the foundation’s money, used properly, might buy the control they sought.  Obama, you’ll recall, had some familiarity with university law reviews from his days at Harvard.

In 1999, the Joyce board granted the Chicago-Kent Law Review the sum of $84,000 – a whopping sum that carried some control with it.  The Foundation recommended a faculty member of another law school to serve as editor.  Though that was a departure from the norm, Chicao-Kent agreed to it.  The result was that the Review promptly published an issue in which every article attacked the individual rights view of the Second Amendment.

The editor given control of the Chicago-Kent Law Review was a man aptly named Carl Bogus who was also a former director of Handgun Control Inc. (today’s Brady Campaign) and a member of the advisory board of the Joyce funded Violence Center.  Bogus found a way to make sure that all the articles he published were hostile to the individual right view.  He offered authors $5,000 for articles which took the “proper view”, and he got plenty of takers.  The word got out, and at least one noted law professor volunteered to write, without any payment made to him,  in defense of the individual right.  His offer was rebuffed.  The Joyce Foundation had bought control of the Chicago-Kent Review.  Joyce next bought up an issue of the Fordham Law Review – another respected source of legal scholarship.

The plan was working.  One court, in a ruling that there was no individual right to bear arms, cited the Chicago-Kent articles eight times.  Then came a bump in the road, a Texas Federal Appeals Court ruled that the Second Amendment was an individual right.  The Joyce Foundation Directors, however, didn’t give up.

Just before Obama’s departure from the Joyce board in 2002, they provided Ohio State University $400,000 to establish the Second Amendment Research Center headed up by Saul Cornell, an anti-individual-right historian.  The admitted purpose of the Center was to influence a future Supreme Court case which, they predicted, was likely to occur within three to five years. The Ohio State center not only generated additional articles denying the individual right to bear arms it provided a way to disguise the Joyce Foundation – a money laundry.  Joyce provided OSU with $125,000 to buy an issue of The Stanford Law and Policy Review.  The Stanford people were unaware of of the Joyce involvement, and viewed OSU and the helpful Professor Cornell who would organize the issue, as their benefactors.  The result was more of anti-individual right reviews from another respected source.

Their continuing investment in buying “scholarship”  in order to destroy one of our fundamental freedoms almost succeeded.  The Supreme Court upheld the individual right in the Heller case by a 5 to 4 decision.  Obama’s ten year campaign lost by one vote.  He must have been beside himself.   Ironically, the arguments before the Court in Heller,  which may have influenced the thinking of some of the dissenters, contained material funded by the Joyce Foundation including one article which seriously mislead its readers regarding critical historical documents.

As you may recall, Obama stated, after the Heller decision was announced, that he had “always held the Second Amendment to be an individual right.”   Of course that was a bald-faced lie.  He’s come a long way on lies and he’s not ready to quit.  Some say that since the Scott Brown swearing-in, Obama is showing signs of a willingness to “move to the center”.  Don’t you believe it.  He’s still out to shred that Constitution which stands in the way of his remaking of America into a socialist state.