What do we do now?


We’ve been told repeatedly by the mainstream media that this is an important moment in American history because, for the first time, a black man has been elected President of the United States.  They miss the point.   What makes this time not only important but perilous are the political aspirations of our newly elected President.  His skin color is  insignificant .  It served only as a means to his election.  Though he took an oath to preserve and protect our nation and its Constitution, his openly stated aim is to “remake America”.  His intent is to create a Socialist state and he is now in a position to do that, since his party has control of both the House and the Senate.


Barack Husein Obama, armed with  brown skin, ran a phenomenally successful campaign by combining the catechism of Saul Alinsky with the reach of the internet, the amorality of “Chicago politics”,  the rhetorical power of Jeremiah Wright, the wealth of George Soros, and the ruthlessness of Acorn.   And, as he has reminded those who have questioned his actions, he won. He views his victory as a mandate for remaking this country despite the fact that almost half of those who voted, voted for his opponent.   Freedom must step aside and make way for his “Change”.


Where did his “mandate” come from?  Blacks voted for him simply because he was black.  That was, apparently, as reasonable as finding O.J. innocent.  Ignorant youth, indoctrinated by the socialists who run our schools, voted for him because they’d learned that our country had done horrible things under Republicans and because he was “cool”.  He shoots hoops.  White adults, who didn’t bother to know what he stood for,  demonstrated their social maturity by voting for a black man.   Elites who were embarrassed by that “cowboy”, George Bush voted for him because he seemed to be like them.   The really horrible campaign run by that old guy, John McCain, did have its impact on the outcome, but It is fair to say that rather than casting their votes against McCain, people, in numbers great enough to insure his victory, voted for Obama because it made them feel good about themselves.  It is also fair to say that, generally, they didn’t know what they were getting us into.  


 What, then, can we do to minimize the damage to our country and our way of life?   Until the Congressional elections of 2010, short of a revolution, there is only a  little we can do as citizens.  Our fate, in the near term, is largely in the hands of others – our government, foreign governments, terrorists, and God.  We can cling to hope in our own ways and stay on the backs of everyone in Washington letting them know what we want from them.


We can hope that Obama will continue to behave like a fascist dictator, motivating by fear rather than hope, and that he will continue to break the promises he made to the hard left nutcases who are one of his core constituencies.  He was to close Gitmo immediately.  Now, that may take awhile.  He was to offer economic stimuli only if they were, “…temporary, timely, and targetted.”  The stimulus bill he just rammed through may be temporary, but it is clear to all who see what it contains that it is neither timely nor targetted at either improving the housing situation or creating any significant number of jobs.  It is full of rewards for those, like Acorn for example, who put him in office by hook or by crook.  He promised not to sign any piece of legislation until it had been available on the internet for at least five days for all to see and react to.  That’s just not happening.  He was to support our military and to make use of it in “better ways”.  Is dropping charges against the bomber of the USS Cole a better way?   The lobbyists and the Washington old guard were not to be part of his administration.  So he filled his Cabinet with Clinton leftovers, lobbyists, and tax cheats.   Breaking campaign promises isn’t an impeachable offense, but we can hope that if Obama continues to break enough of them, Democrat Senators and Congressmen will be pressured by their constitutients to the extent that they fear losing the next election more than they fear not voting with Obama.


The current Supreme Court is the last vestige of any balance of power in our government system.  We can hope that there are no opportunities to stack it further to the left.


As Obama publicly displays his lack of effective leadership in both domestic and foreign affairs, we can hope that terrorists and rogue foreign governments aren’t sufficiently emboldened that they launch another strike on our mainland.  We probably should add prayer to hope on this one.


We can work to seek out and support candidates to hold every Republican seat and  win every Democrat  Congressional seat up for re-election in 2010, and  pressure the incumbent Republicans to stick to their principles and hold their ground or suffer for not doing so. 


It’s not the time to give up.  Get your Washington mailing lists in order, keep abreast of what Obama is up to every day, and, just to be on the safe side, buy gold and ammunition.  God Bless America.