Radical Left Invasion of Team Sarah Story on Red State Picked Up By Washington Times, Weekly Standard

William R. Collier Jr.

RedState BREAKS NEWS,” says The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World (http://www.thewebstersdictionary.com).  (Emphasis added.)

Three days ago RedState broke the story about a radical left group planting racist remarks on TeamSarah.org, remarks which were then reported, without fact checking, by The Huffington Post as “proof” that the supporters of Gov. Palin are racists.

Yesterday, The Washington Times quoted from this RedState Diary entry (hyperlink) in its print edition.

URL: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/jan/06/inside-blogotics-86170829/

Now today, The Weekly Standard also cited this RedState Diary piece at the top of its blog:
URL: http://weeklystandard.com/Weblogs/TWSFP/TWSFPView.asp#10053

Invite your friends to visit and see RedState in action rocking the boat! And keep coming back for more!

Freedom Congress too is providing coverage as well as a place to report similar attacks for a broader coverage of these attempts to censor by smear and silence and dirty tricks!

Url: http://www.freedomist.org

E! True Conservative is covering this with an article that demans an apology from huffington Post:


And MANY thanks to Erick Erickson and his colleagues for the brilliant work they are doing right here at RedState in assembling defenders of the conservative movement.  Erick, Neil, all RedStaters: Bravo!

Now picked up also by National Review