GOP May CAVE On Bailouts...again....

The GOP lost congress, they are fast losing credibility, now they come out and announce a potential “deal”?

WE DON’T need bailouts or tax raises:

they want to bail out the newspapers?

they want to bailout the unions?

they want to RAISE taxes on gasoline?

Do you want to pay $4 per gallon to FUEL the New York Times? Do you think “taxing the rich” is going to save your 401K by bailing out the UAW?

GET THE WORD OUT if we don’t seriously confront them and JUST SAY NO to bailouts, with a substantial number of signatures demanding that we reduce taxes and stop spending the People’s money, what kind of Reagan 2.0 is possible?

GO HERE NOW and sign the peititon by join the Reagan 2.0 COUNTER Revolution against “Bailout Socialism.”


TELL THE WORLD, shout it from the rooft tops- we don’t want no STINKING Bailouts!!!!!