Liberal Conspiracy to Frame and Defame TeamSarah: Busted!

by Bill Collier (1/2/09)

Community Governance Adviser- Team Sarah

Administrator-The Freedom Congress USA http://www.freedomist.org

TeamSarah.org, an online community of over 63,000 who admire Sarah Palin and all she stands for, currently is experiencing an attempt at framing the whole community as guilty of unsavory racist behavior.  This apparently is part of an overall attempt by the the worst elements of the progressive faction, conduct for which all liberals should be ashamed to be associated, even indirectly.

This was started, for example at DemocracyUnderground (which brags that it intends to turn the word conservative “radioactive”) — well before that unfair and arguably defamatory piece was published in The Huffington Post, an extremist liberal website that evidently does not police its own content for accuracy.  It is shocking that the HuffPo dropped any pretense of journalistic standards — like, for instance, simply calling TeamSarah and its proprietor, the Susan B. Anthony List, for a balanced picture, before running a recent attack on TeamSarah.

Thanks go out to Kelley S who serves TeamSarah brilliantly as a guardian, going out on patrol, looking for invaders who are attempting to frame and defame the community.

Thanks to Kelly, we now have screen shots, ID’s, and IP’s of a number of individuals who have planned an effort, and attempted to implement it, to act as agent provocateurs and discredit Team Sarah by planting racist and other unsavory material as if they were members.

Today, January 2, people have seen weird posts from individuals who seemed overwhelmingly racist, bigoted, and in general unsavory sorts posing as Palin, and traditionalist values, supporters.

As you well know, the Huffington Post alleged that Team Sarah was racist, bigoted, and hateful.  Not so!  TeamSarah strives  to live up to the high standards of decency and humanity exemplified by Gov. Palin. And we do a good job of it.  We moderate posts, guide members, and work intently to keep the standards of the site high.  The most unsavory leftist elements are doing something weirdly similar, in cyberspace, to the arson committed against Gov. Palin’s church in Wasilla, Alaska.  And trying to set us up to take the blame for their vile actions.

We now have the evidence of what we suspected all along: the liberal extremists have been creating “sock puppets,” fake people whose sole mission is to come to TeamSarah, post horrible things, and then make copies of these posts to “prove” that we are bigots and cretins.  It is the equivalent of framing the innocent, it is pure dirty tricks.  And it is vile.  We call upon all principled Liberals to condemns these actions.  This is not the first time this has happened.  We have also documented “dirty tricks” from DemocracyUnderground.com http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum=132&topic_id=7495801&mesg_id=7498189and from YAforObama.com

We will not REACT and let these attacks cause us to mistrust one another or become distracted. TeamSarah is standing by our very high community standards.  We can only call upon sites like SomethingAwful.com, Huffingpost.com, YAforObama.com, and DemocracyUnderground.com to behave with similar decency.

As ALWAYS if someone violates TeamSarah’s community standards, we ask our members to report them and not get drawn into their unethical game.  And then we investigage promptly, taking down any racist or other unseemly postings.

The website they organized this attack from is called “somethingawful.com.” We must admit, it is aptly named.  Some of the comments are illuminating:

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Brown Moses

It’s our duty to steer the site away from reason and into the realms of racism and insanity just in time for the 2012 primaries, and then to ensure Palin is the Republican nominee.

Handlebar Mustache
let’s see how many people I can race bait

I got someone to delete a Ramirez cartoon, because it said that Biden ran his mouth for 30 years while Palin was governor for 2, and I said that it could be saying that biden is more experienced

that takes some finesse, people can’t just try to post overtly racist stuff right now, hillaryis44 wasn’t built in a day
who the gently caress is BlueRedWhite?
forum invasions are against the rules by the way

so… uh… don’t do it, faggots
LF rule thread #687 already gave authorization for the invasion we don’t need to separately ask for it again
Quick, someone make a Muslims for Palin group there.
there all ready is one:
Atheists for Palin
Environmentalists for Palin
Palin for Palin

also is america4AMERICANS one of us or what:


whoever it is just sent me a friend request so idk
haha this is one of you guys right http://www.teamsarah.org/profile/KennethDavidJohns
Betsy Maynard strikes again:

did they say why you were banned

like was it because they found out you were trolling or because of the racism


Has a picture of Cartlon Banks in a bow tie.
hardcore sax
Does anyone know how to get unbanned there? I would have to change my IP, wouldn’t I?
E-mail the admin saying you left yourself signed in at a public computer and that someone must have posted those things after you left. Usually works on sites like that.


TeamSarah has compiled over 15 pages of evidence on file from this conspiracy.  Thank you to the extremist liberals who have provided fresh evidence as to what really is going on: that they send in “clones” (false identities) to say and do things that we do not tolerate, and, in the short time it takes us to find and eliminate these posts take a screen shot of them, and then post about it in poorly managed liberal websites, ones that have abandoned all journalistic standards, from which it gets echoes throughout the liberal blogosphere as if true.

Poorly managed sites such as, apparently, the $100 million Huffington Post which seems not to care about even the most basic standards of fairness in reporting.  I guess that kind of money can be blinding, but:  “What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his (or her) soul“?