The #TCOT Revolution

The #TCOT Revolution!

UPDATE: The 57th Sate Michael Patrick Leahy, @michaelpleahy: #TCOT Revolution, Twitter energizing the conservative movement! http://tinyurl.com/6r689f 11AM

William R Collier Jr.www.freedomist.org

As the conservative movement LAUNCHES itself in earnest, clearing the decks, defining its agenda, and gathering its forces in a truly conservative manner, from the street level UP, not with a few big donors, but individual unilaterally doing their THING, “The Top Conservatives On Twitter” now rises out of the ashes.

Here is the FIRST tweet using the new HashTag- beulahgg: @michaelpleahy you could shorten that to #tcot .–they say to keep them as short as possible, so just thought I’d throw that out. (November 29, 2008)

And here is the FIRST RNC member to have a Twitter Account- http://twitter.com/shawn_steel

The ACTION can be tracked here: http://topconservativesontwitter.blogspot.com/

We have set up a group for Top Conservatives On Twitter within our Freedom Congress here:www.topconservativesontwitter.com

This list, growing rapidly, includes some of the leading lights of the conservative movement in general and is a spontaneous, unplanned “revolution” that started as an effort to get members of the RNC to start using Twitter as an overall effort to promote web 2.0 activism amongst conservatives.


There are now 7 members of the RNC on Twitter and today we all hope to add twice that number or more!

STAY TUNED right here for updates on this movement as we seek to bring some of its leading members to our BTR shows within American Freedomist Radio.