The Top Five Under-Reported FREEDOM Causes

(Note we call ourselves Freedomists, a “Freedomist” is anyone whose focus is on advancing and defending freedom before self interest, partisan gain, or any other thing)

William R Collier Jr http://www.freedomist.org

While we consider ourselves to be an under-reported worthy causes (www.freedomist.com www.freedomist.org www.afn50.com http://57thstate.ning.com) THIS list and review is for the TOP FIVE under-reported worthy causes that we think SHOULD garner the active attention and support of the “Master Networkers”, people like Erick Erickson, Ralph Benko, Patrick Ruffini, Eric Odom, and the like.

1. The Grizzly Groundswell- Chad Eversonwww.grizzlygroundswell.com

While many of us talk and write, Chad gets up every day and BUILDS, doing the kind of GRUNT work that can seem thankless and, well, not so much fun. Chad PROMOTES his growing network of bloggers and BTR show hosts and gives them a SPACE to shine, he goes out, tirelessly and turns the spotlight on others within his network.

Chad is building the tools we need for a web 2.0 revolution and uniting the conservative voice! Chad is following in the foot steps of EW Everson, his Great Grandfather, who SHASED THE SOCIALIST SQUIRRELS out of his state and who was, in many regards, a web 2.0 activist before the technology was even available!

2. #DONTGO- Eric Odom (and others)www.dontgomovement.com OK,. so I was involved with DINTGO in the beginning and while I am not directly involved now, I am proud to see that the foundation I was a part of supporting in the beginning is becoming an edficie that will, I am firmly convinced, become a towering institution ALL of us can PLUG IN TO for information, collaboration, and joint actions.

DONTGO is building an array of resources to help us in the ongoing battle to re-ignite the right online with an information network, I liken to a citizen’s intelligence network, that will plug e-activists on the center-right in to tools for gathering, reporting, and obtaining vital political intelligence and communicating with their government, the media, and the greater world.

3. NEW: “Top Conservatives On Twitter” #TCOT- Tony Katz and Michael Patrick Leahyhttp://topconservativesontwitter.blogspot.com(I call this “The #TCOT Revolution”)

This movement centers around two main things, right now, a LIST of the top conservatives on Twitter and an effort to CALL and EMAIL conservatives leaders, specifically members of the Republican National Committee, to get them on Twitter where they can communicate with the rank and file and we can communicate with them.

I see this as a potential precursor to a movement to rally ALL conservatives into a PLACE for web 2.0 collaboration, mutual promotion, sharing ideas and best practices, and more. We have even set up a group within our new project, the Freedom Congress, that will seek to rally Freedom minded people to this cause and movement. www.topconservativesontwitter.com

4. Project Meridian Foundation– Nathaniel Wilsonwww.projectmeridianfoundation.org

This project needs and deserves your immediate support and recognition. The fate of hundreds of thousands, indeed millions, of people who have been made slaves, often as sex slaves, could depend on YOU!

Human trafficking is a growing problem that involves a rabbit hole that goes very deeply, often in some nation to the highest corridors of power, and it must be stopped.

Nate, as we call him, wants to raise money for safe houses to shelter, support, and treat people who have been rescued from Human Trafficking and he wants to lobby congress to take positive, strong steps to make this happen!

5. The Websters’ Dictionary on NING, The Bar and Grill- Ralph Benkohttp://thewebstersdictionary.ning.com/

This is an under-used NING network that will rally “Websters”, net activists using web 2.0 and beyond to transform their world, to talk best practices, share ideas, and collaborate and includes freedom minded people from many different backgrounds and philosophies. The only requirement is that you take a pledge “to use my powers for good.”

I will be assisting with the moderation of this network as part of our efforts to LEND A HAND in many deserving places.

So that’s the list, at least for now. We will try and produce a new list once a week or at least once a month and during each week or month we will focus on promoting and helping those groups and sites named in any way we can.

Every 3 months we will publish The Top Ten Emerging Freedom Causes