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William R Collier Jr.The 57th State on RedState

The Freedom Sphere includes the virtual, social, and information networks, communities, blogs, websites, organizations, and groups that are run by and for freedom focused individuals, groups, organizations, clubs, businesses, and associations of any kind. To be Freedom Focused means that you embrace The Four Core Ideals of Freedomism: Unity in diversity (Liberty, Civil Rights), Popular sovereignty (Independence, Self-Reliance, Limited Government, Local Autonomy), Democratic equality (Opportunity, Free Enterprise, Equal Access), and the Rule of Law (Justice, Constitutional Supremacy, Security of our Rights, Persons, and Property.

I am going to describe the FreedomSphere overall, however within RedState my focus is going to be on Conservatives In Exile, or right of center Virtual Freedom Fighters who are PRO LIFE and who support virtue and morality based on the beliefs of our Founding Fathers (and mothers). We call the FreedomSphere on the RIGHT “The 57th State”.

*About the 57th State:* President Obama said he had not been to all 57 States, we found the 57th State in Imagination Land and in the 57th State Caesarists who promote Big Government or a Planned Economy and who attack our culture of LIFE and of VIRTUE by controlling Washington and Wall Street are all in museums. Mothers take their children there and warn them, “If you don’t read your Bible, your, Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, if you don’t stay informed, stay involved, and stay focused then you might end up JUST LIKE THEM or you might end up being their SLAVE.” The 57th State is devoted to promoting good people and good ideas on the RIGHT in the fight to preserve and advance freedom while exposing fraud, waste, and abuse by Caesarists in Washington and Wall Street.There is no central group, organization, or super network that you need to join to be a member of the 57th State, you can do your own thing or you can join a number of excellent groups or networks that already exist or that are being created by people just like you.

I see my task as being to lend whatever help I can to the FreedomSphere and the 57th State in particular and to the groups, blogs, networks and etc. within this national and global community of virtual freedom fighters by promoting them, helping with content, patronizing them, and giving time and resources in support of their good work.

While I may be active in many organizations, groups, networks, and blogs for me this is all one single task which I pick up from the hands of Samuel Adams: to wake people up to their natural rights as Electors, Freeholders, and Sovereigns, to inform people of the threats and opportunities they need to know about to stay free, and to inspire people to start or join organized efforts to advance the cause of individual sovereignty, limited government, a truly FREE market, local autonomy, free association, and self-reliance, self-sustainability, self-government, and self-defense.

You cannot JOIN The 57th State, which celebrates right of center communities of virtual freedom fighters; we merely seek to recognize, promote, and support those who by their words AND deeds demonstrate that they are in fact “citizens” of the 57th State.

The FreedomSphere overall is a place for Conservatives In Exile, Kennedy Democrats, Community Sovereigntists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, conservative Greens, Independents, and others who believe that individuals, private associations, and local communities should make over 80% of all decisions, own and control over 80% of all resources, and hold over 80% of all political, social, economic, and civil authority.

The 57th State is what we lovingly call The Right of Center FreedomSphere, of which we believe RedState is THE premiere community developing and supporting entity. This is the reason why the “Headquarters” for the 57th State will be here, within RedState.

Our task is to discover who is doing what for freedom, to promote them and inform individuals of these resources they can plug into, and to encourage communication on an informal basis between them as best we can.

Do you want to know the the State of the 57th State? Do you want to know the latest technology resources, software, and social networking communities you can access? Do you want to listen to interviews with the top “community builders” and developers in the FreedomSphere? Do you want to learn about ideas, techniques, and best practices others have used successfully? Do you want to learn about pitfalls and mistakes before you make the same mistakes? Do you want to learn about conferences, summits, meetings, events, and the like where you can meet and network with other virtual freedom fighters?

SIMPLY read THIS DIARY within Red State every day for this kind of information and more.

Do you want an opportunity to PLUG your idea or group, your blog or website, or your business on the 57th State?

You can email me, Bill Collier (the editor of this Diary) at [email protected] or your can call me, leave a message with your name, number, and best time to call back, at 717 503 1645.

Our goal is to promote, or plug, a virtual freedom fighter or a “Freedom Focused Organization of Business” every day and to provide information on ideas, resources, tools, and technology for your use as a virtual freedom fighter.

The FreedomSphere is not going to look like “MoveOn” or any “One Big System” (OBS) approach, it is going to be dynamic, decentralized, results oriented, based on the free market, and the support of volunteers, sponsors, advertisers, and subscribers/members who choose to use resources they believe are the best, most efficient, and most cost effective in terms of time, resources, and money.

The 57th State does not need a central BOSS telling everyone what to do or say, it only needs DRUMMERS and TRUMPETEERS who will strive to tell the People about this awesome community and encourage them to get involved by joining or forming their own activity, groups, blog, and etc.

We will be setting up a 57th State Hall of Fame where we highlight the best right of center Freedom Focused Organizations and Businesses and reward them with free sponsorships on one or more of our own sites, custom content, or other services or resources available through our network.

The 57th State is not about US, it is about YOU and about all the other awesome virtual freedom fighters and freedom community builders, networkers, and developers who are equipping people all over the US and the world in the battle for FREEDOM FOR ALL, a battle against Caesar’s One Big System in all its forms!

Keep coming back for updates, news released, announcements, and interesting, informative articles on The 57th State.

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LOOK for our FIRST “Freedom Focused Organization or Business”- The Webster’s Dictionary, today or tomorrow and then on Monday look for our interview with Raplh Benko, the author of The Webster’s Dictionary, planned for 10AM on The 57th State Radio Show. IN the next few weeks look for more expose’s, case studies, and interviews: Keystone Conservative, DONTGO, Pray for the Hostages, members of Congress, and MORE!