Subversive Taxes on our Freedom

As the dust settles around the 2008 election, one has to wonder which direction our freedom’s are heading? We all heard the platform promises of 95% tax cuts, job creations, universal healthcare, stock market stablization, and don’t forget economic growth. What does this mean to our basic freedom’s that we have taken for granted? Fulfillment of the promises will take one thing . . . alot of money! Where will this money come from . . . taxes. These tax increases won’t be from the obvious sources that would draw attention to the current power holders i.e income tax. These taxes will be acquired slowly through subversive means with the hope that no one will notice the loss of yet another freedom. One example, (gun owners pay attention) a 500% increase on guns and ammunition. For example, inexpensive 30-06 ammunition, used for large game hunting, costs around $25 for 10 rounds. A 500% tax would mean a price increase of $100. Final cost to the buyer . . .$125 for 10 rounds, YIKES! By the way that 500% is not an arbitrary number. This tax has been presented 3 times as a line item on recent bills. This would drive most sportsman out of hunting altogether. We have all heard about the arguments regarding the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the 2nd Ammendment this past August. So, thinking like an anti-gun liberal in power. . . what would be the best way to take guns away from Americans with out violating the 2nd Ammendment? You guessed it . . . if they increase the taxes by 500% . . . the cost of ammunition becomes too high . . . no one will buy ammunition. What use is an unloaded gun? Another Freedom lost!