Our "Fearmongerer-in-Chief"

President Obama’s digusting response to CBS anchor Scott Pelley – when asked whether he could “guarantee” that seniors and veterans and others who rely on government checks would get them on August 3rd if the debt crisis is not “resolved” by then – surely earns him the title of “Fearmongerer-in-Chief.”  Sowing panic and fear among those who are most needy and dependent is the very antipode of leadership; it is the negative anti-leadership of the radical ‘community organizer’ writ large. It emerges from the Alinsky mindset on how to negotiate, but, to paraphrase Eric’s post today, we hope John Boehner is a better poker player than Newt Gingrich was.

The Republican leadership does not have Obama’s bully pulpit, but they surely have the ear of the press when they emerge from these toxic closed door negotiations. The President’s fear-mongering should continue to be denounced in the harshest of terms; in fact, forget the ‘debate’ behind closed doors – the game has now shifted to public perceptions and it is out in the open. The current field of Republican presidential candidates should turn up the volume full blast on this latest Obama scam and criticize him in very personal terms as the disgraceful anti-leader that he is that he would scare some of the neediest among us for his own ends.

Of course there is already enough money in incoming revenues to pay Social Security checks and most else of the essentials of government! Representative Walsh is correct when he calls on the president to “quit lying” about the debt issue. Certainly, in the broad philosophical sense, no one can “guarantee” anything – we cannot “guarantee” our next breath – but a responsible leader – not Obama – would have answered Pelley, ‘We will do everything in our power to ensure that all of our required obligations are met.’

Besides passing “Cut, Cap and Balance” right now, the House should  direct the Government Oversight Committee under Rep. Issa to be prepared to take steps to subpoena any government worker or agency representative at Treasury or elsewhere in the Executive Branch who is involved with the issuance of checks, funds, and essential services if there is any question that, come August 2-3,  the normal processes of government and the law are being interfered with. We will want to see the emails of any Treasury official who will say, ‘Hold up there on those Social Security checks,’ or anything else along those lines.

And, if there is ANY question at that time as to whether Mr. Obama and his Administration are following the letter of the law or not, we may soon need to start using the ‘I’ word:  IMPEACHMENT. Obama’s endless national credit card has run out, and he is playing with the future of the country for his own political ends. He must follow the Constitution and current statutes explicitly. Any shady Administration legal interpretations supporting any of his fear-mongering should be subject to massive investigations under oath before Congressional committees and dealt with accordingly.