Those Sly Devils at NPR

Regarding NPR’s disgraceful and viciously anti-American firing of Juan Williams for merely expressing his opinion, I join people like Newt and Huckabee and probably millions of conservatives across America in desiring that we *consider* defunding all tax dollars from this national liberal propaganda mill….Ah, but wait a moment… Just as Joy and Whoopi couldn’t wait to storm off The View in response to Bill O’Reilly (I think they were just waiting for a pretext), it’s clear that the petty little fascists at NPR have probably been angry with Juan for some time because of his connection with Fox News and waiting for an excuse. This was a convenient moment for those who wanted to get rid of him anyway, but there may be more to it. Think of the lowest common denominator member of the Democratic Party base for a moment. Juan is well-known to all of us, but to the average Democrat he is probably a complete unknown, and they are not going to care or understand what has just happened. Or, if they are more informed or part of ‘the liberal anointed elite’, they actually believe in political correctness and have probably been mad at Juan for some time for even daring to continue to appear on that hated network, Fox News. They would applaud this move.

So, NPR fires Juan, positions itself to curry favor with CAIR and its own liberal elite taskmasters, takes a swipe at Fox News, and…. waits for our reaction, hoping for an over-reaction. The Huffington Post is already proclaiming the conservative ‘backlash’ at Williams’ firing. It’s not hard to see where they are going with all this before the election. While we certainly want to see NPR defunded from taxpayer dollars, for now, prior to the election, let’s just frame the firing as the disgraceful and obscene attack on free speech that it is. Otherwise, two weeks before the election, if we talk too much about defunding them, the airwaves will be full of commentary that our side hates Big Bird, while government schoolchildren will be told that if their parents don’t vote against those ‘evil’ Republicans, it’s all over for Cookie Monster. No joke – they’ve pulled this kind of stunt before, and in close elections, it could make the difference. Let’s talk less publicly about defunding and simply do it when the time comes.

Perhaps NPR’s firing of Williams did not take this factor or the election at all into their political calculus before making this decision but simply saw this as an opportunity to push their ideological agenda. Regardless, now that it’s a done deal, they will be looking to take advantage of the situation by drawing us out further so that they can attack us in any way possible.