Taking on Our Socialist Foes: A Blueprint for Action

Regarding our attempts to stop Obamacare, we all applaud the efforts of Senator DeMint and a few others behind the scenes in Congress, the lawsuits on Constitutional grounds proposed by the 13 Republican Attorneys General, and the latest challenge in Virginia – the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act proposed by Bob Marshall (whom I and many others strongly supported for U.S. Senate in his bid for the Republican nomination). These are all important and necessary.

Nevertheless, I keep reading in conservative blogs and hearing on Talk Radio that if this monstrosity of Obamacare finally passes and is signed into law that there is ‘nothing that we can do about it,’ that it will be a fait accompli, a new ‘right’ that it will be next to impossible to dislodge.

I understand this line of thinking and the history behind it, but I reject it. I also reject this wringing of hands, this attitude of, ‘well,-we-can’t-do-anything-until-November-if-this-goes-through’ feeling. Contrary to what some are saying, I believe we can dismantle this monstrosity in its entirety at some later date when we are back in power. After all, We Are The People. This is OUR COUNTRY and OUR GOVERNMENT.  It answers – or at least it should – to us!

I probably look at things a little differently than most conservatives because I myself am a former federal employee (yes, I served for many years in the Belly of the Beast!):  ex-Intelligence Community, ex-military, etc., both as a civilian employee and former military officer, now retired. I saw the federal bureaucracy up close and personal every day in all its glory and warts for many years. I battled within some of the Beast’s entrails. I know many of its weak points in terms of both its bureaucratic mentality and structure. Here’s the point:  none of Obamacare can ultimately be implemented by Congress itself. It is THE BUREAUCRACY that must actually implement it at the federal level to try to make it ‘work’, and it is to the bureaucracy that we must consider now turning our attention if it passes.

The bureaucracy is bloated; it is its own monstrosity; that is another story that will only get far worse under the socialist Democrats’ health care reform. But the key point is this:  bureaucrats who actually run the federal government from day to day do not like trouble, nor the spotlight – only the political types at the top crave the spotlight. Like most bureaucrats everywhere, the U.S. federal bureaucracy in general craves predictability, routine, quiet, security – most federal employees just want to get through the day, do their jobs and reach the next bonus or retirement.

If this legislation passes, there are several things that we can do besides simply waiting until November to make our voices heard or until the courts decide something. What I am proposing is the next step beyond tea parties and town halls.

If Obamacare passes, all Americans who are concerned about how this legislation affects them personally should flood the federal bureaucracy with Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests covering every conceivable aspect of this legislation. A little experience and training is all that is necessary in order to write solid and legally enforceable FOIA requests. We should produce them by the hundreds of thousands and they should cover every aspect of those departments and agencies that are charged with putting Obamacare into action, as well as the new entities created under the thousands of pages of this legislation.

Taking a page from our political adversaries’ playbook, this might not only choke the bureaucracy; it would also shine the spotlight on more and more corruption and incompetence.

Next, moving beyond ordinary Tea Party protests on Capitol Hill, where we are simply mocked and scorned by the likes of Reid and Pelosi, the Democratic majority and their media henchmen and sycophants, our next step should be protests aimed at those specific government agencies and entities in Washington, D.C., that are set to become involved in implementing Obamacare. I could go into more detail in a follow-on post, but you get the idea:  direct peaceful protest for redress of grievances.  We have a lot of grievances, and we need a lot of redress!

Given Internet communications today and our current level of organization as a movement, how this could be done practically would be far easier than it might have been in past years, but this is how we might begin taking the process to the next level, since we are all community organizers now 🙂